What Should You Know Before You Go to Thailand

What Should You Know Before You Go to Thailand?

If you are preparing for your trip to Thailand, you should carefully consider diverse aspects, from entry requirements to budgeting, currency handling, overall health precautions, and even safety measures.

Once you know about Thailand travel guidelines and other important things, you can be confident that your journey is perfect.

Know about the Entry Requirements 

Before you go on Thai adventure, make sure that you properly understand that the entry requirements are significant. Indian travellers possess several visa options to pick from; each customised to varied lengths of stay.

The Visa on Arrival grants you fifteen days stay, whereas the Tourist Visa permits you for up to even sixty days. For any sort of extended exploration, the Multiple Entry Tourist Visa allows you for manifold entries in the realm of six months.

To apply for your visa, make sure that you possess the following: 

– Your passport having a minimum of six months validity beyond your overall envisioned stay.

– Your recent passport-sized photograph.

– Proper Return ticket.

– Proper Proof of accommodation for all sorts of nights

– Sufficient funds to cover your travels (the money amount differs on the basis of visa type).

– You should also know that the processing times differ; you can obtain Visa on arrival upon your arrival, whereas Tourist and Multiple Entry Tourist Visas ask for your prior application and approval.

Keep your budget in mind for travel 

For your budget-friendly trip to Thailand, keep the following things in mind:

Check the Flights

You should know that flexibility is the main ingredient in finding affordable flights from India to Thailand. You should keep a check on flights comparison websites, set fare alerts, and even explore diverse options such as nearby airports, midweek departures, and layovers for possible cost savings.

Check for proper Accommodation

It is true that there is a wide range of accommodation options in Thailand that are as per your budget and lifestyle. You can check out budget hostels and even luxurious beachfront resorts. 

Check the Best Time to Visit

Then you should understand that the dry season, which is November to February, is perfect for cooler temperatures, but it’s even the peak tourist season.

For a quieter type of experience, you should consider visiting during the time of shoulder seasons of March to even May or September to October. Of course, if you are climate specific, then you should be mindful about these things.

Proper Currency and Money Matters

Navigating your currency and financial transactions is a critical aspect of travel preparation. The official currency in this place of Thailand is the Thai Baht (THB).

You should remember that the exchange rates always fluctuate, so it’s advisable for you to exchange currency at dependable counters, banks, or even authorized money changers.

You can consider using a good and reliable multicurrency travel card to ensure that you don’t have to worry about currency exchanges and more. Your financials will be a breeze with it.


So, since you know much about your travel to Thailand, make sure that you don’t miss out on anything important.