Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day Review – Their Fabulous Return!

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day is an annual event that celebrates the music of Led Zeppelin. The day includes a concert, forum, and merchandise sales. This music was formed in 1968; since then, they have sold over 800 million records worldwide. Numerous tribute bands across the globe have been playing their music for years.

In this review, I tell you everything you need to know concerning one of the most sought-after music celebrations ever. People put 20 million tickets into a lottery for 18,000 seats available! If you’ve ever led an audio marathon of all 10 Zeppelin albums (in chronological order), then I know you’ll enjoy this article.

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

I am especially going over the concert Blu-Ray; however, by getting both audio CDs, they are identical to the Blu-Ray. Let us get the low-down on Jimmy and John Pauls s guitars, amps, and effects. This band changed the face of rock and roll as we know it today.

Celebration Day – Blu-Ray Snapshot

On October 17, 2012, the Blu-ray release of the 2 hours and 4 minutes long concert will be available for purchase. The concert was filmed on December 10, 2007, at the Verizon Wireless Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas. The Blu-ray includes two, a standard and a deluxe edition, including additional content such as behind-the-scenes footage and acoustic performances.

Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Robert Plant are the unsung heroes of the classic rock era. Their virtuosity as musicians and songwriters created some of the most iconic and enduring music ever. In “Blu Ray Snapshot,” these three icons team up with producer Dick Carruthers and director Dick Carruthers to take us on a tour of their careers. From their early days in Led Zeppelin to their recent projects, “Blu Ray Snapshot” captures the excitement, power, and passion that has made these legends legendary.

Main Blu-Ray Disk Menu: Start Concert Setlist Audio

Stereo PCM and DTS-HD 5.1 are audio options for starting a concert setlist on a Blu-Ray disk. Stereo PCM is the default audio option, but if you have a Dolby Atmos-enabled home theatre, DTS-HD 5.1 will be better. Both audio options provide outstanding sound quality and will let you enjoy the concert experience like never before.

The standard Blu-Ray package contains the Blu-Ray plus two audio CDs. The first CD has a soundtrack, while the second is an additional disc with bonus features. Some studios have released standalone Blu-Ray discs without accompanying CDs. Still, these are only sometimes available and may not include all the bonus features in the original release.

Concert Backstory

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day is an annual event in London, England, commemorating the band’s legendary performance at the Theater on January 14, 1973. The day features a variety of activities and events, including concerts, memorabilia auctions, and film screenings. The main act in Ahmet Ertegun’s Tribute Concert was on December 10, 2007, at the O2 Arena.

Led Zeppelin released the full version of their movie for approximately three days on their YouTube channel after it was on television. Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones were able to reproduce its limited performance in theatres in October 2012.

The 2012 show was seen on over 1,500 screens in 40 countries and garnered roughly 2 million US Dollars. The commercial versions of the film were released on several home audio and video formats on November 19, 2012. In 2013, the 2012 film Celebration Day won a Classic Rock And Roll Honors Award for Film of the Year. The film was promoted in over 2,000 locations internationally as of January 2016.

Led Zeppelin disbanded in 1980, with past reunions in 1985, 1988, and 1995. Their final concert was their Over Europe Tour, from June 17 to July 7, 1980. Fans waited 27 years for another reunion and another five years for the commercial release of this album I am currently reviewing.

Blu Ray Cover

The Blu-ray Disc format has become the world’s most popular optical disc storage medium, with sales reaching 43.2 million discs in 2013. As the successor to DVD, Blu-ray offers significantly improved video and audio quality over its predecessor. The format offers more flexibility for content creators and consumers and a broader range of support features.

The recording is published in various formats, including a Blu-Ray video with two accompanying audio CDs. The cover comes from a painting of just about anywhere with a spotlight on the city center, which was added after the fact. The case is a 3-Disk Digipak for the two dust jackets and Blu-Ray videos.

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day-Blu Ray Cover
Blu Ray Cover

Songs And Artists

The lineup includes Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and Jimmy Page, along with Jason Bonham (the son of the late John Bonham), who will play the drums. Other artists slated to appear to include Black Sabbath, Rush, and Deep Purple. Peter Grant, the manager of Led Zeppelin, said in a statement that it is his “vision to create an event that pays tribute to one of the most important and influential bands in history.

Track List

  • Good Times Bad Times
  • Ramble On
  • Black Dog
  • In My Time of Dying
  • For Your Life
  • Trampled Under Foot
  • Nobody’s Fault but Mine
  • No Quarter
  • Since I’ve Been Loving You
  • Dazed and Confused
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • The Song Remains the Same
  • Misty Mountain Hop
  • Kashmir
  • Whole Lotta Love (Encore 1)
  • Rock and Roll (Encore 2)


  • Jimmy Page – Guitar
  • John Paul Jones – Bass Guitar and Keyboards
  • Robert Plant – Vocals, Tambourine, and Harmonica
  • Jason Bonham – Drums, Percussion, and Backing Vocals

A Very Cool News Flashback To Start The Show

Zeppelin’s first show in Tampa was an oddity. Scott Schuster and John Jones for Pulse News reported that the show occurred on May 5, 1973, at the St. Pete Arena. The opening news clip features a reporter discussing how no one knows what to expect from the “giant band with long hair and beards.”

The concert began with an amusing retro news clip from Pulse News. Narrated by Scott Schuster and reported on by John Jones, it features a reporter discussing how no one knows what to expect from the “giant band with long hair and beards.” The night went on to be incredibly exciting for Zeppelin fans, who were treated to some of their most well-known songs, including “Black Dog,” “Rock & Roll,” and “Stairway To Heaven.

In 1965, the Beatles had the most extensive following of any band in history. However, Zeppelin beat their record at The Byrds’ Shea Stadium by selling 49,239 tickets for their concert. Although the Beatles still hold the record for most concert attendance, Zeppelin’s success shows they were one of the most popular bands of their time.

A Very Cool News Flashback To Start The Show
Live Performance

Musical Performance Highlights

Here are my opinions on the band’s performance for the show. Check out the section on “My Favorite Moments” for additional details.

Good Times Bad Times

Zeppelin’s opening song, “Good Times Bad Times,” is an excellent choice and will instantly bring back memories of the power and dynamics of this band in a live situation. The song’s energetic tempo and heavy sound are sure to get the crowd moving, while the lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia for those who have experienced Zeppelin’s music firsthand.

Jimmy plays the number-one 1959 Les Paul teacher with the activated black coverless bridge pickup and plays it skillfully. He looks a little nervous, but it has been a long since he rocked Megan. He does not take long to sit back, relax, and enjoy himself.

It was the first song the Zeppelin rock band ever exposed to me. As I was heading home one day, my younger brother had it blasting out from his stereo system in his bedroom. The quality of the song reverberated throughout the house, and he just turned up the volume on the album cover. I spent the next two weeks learning guitar solos from my copy of that album.

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

Ramble On

The boys did a fantastic job performing this song. They showed their skills as musicians and singers by playing with precision and sounding perfect together. This album is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys classic rock music.

Jimmy’s solo in the middle of that song had such an excessive chorus, but it nevertheless appeared to have done well. It was inspired by the Disney film The Lord Of The Rings, with a lyric allusion to Daeron’s deepest cave, and in the vocalization of T, there is a reference to the dark land of Mordor. When it involved magic, the melody was probably the dark of Daeron’s realm.

I bought this album on the day of its debut, the first day I could purchase it in the Warwick Shopper’s World Middle. Thus, mom-and-pop record stores began to whither away.

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

Black Dog

Many Led Zeppelin fans may not know this, but the band’s opening riff to Black Dog was taken from an earlier track. The song is originally titled “Sticks and Stones” and was recorded in 1969. Is the old guy carrying a large and heavy-looking bundle of sticks tied to his back on the front cover? That’s where this powerhouse tune originates from.

The opening lick of Black Dog is incredibly catchy, drawing you in quickly. The solo is note-for-note, compared to the original studio version from 1971. It makes for an interesting contrast, as fans who first heard the song decades ago may have a different experience now that they hear the live version.

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

In My Time Of Dying

Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones combined forces to create one of the greatest Led Zeppelin albums ever- Physical Graffiti. One of the standout tracks is “In My Time Of Dying,” which features Jimmy on his 2006 Gibson Custom Shop ES-350 with open G tuning. He cranks out his trademark wicked-slide riffs on the bass guitar while John Paul pulls out his Fender Fretless Precision Bass and makes the bass lines come alive. If you like blues-based slide guitars, then check out this track.

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

For Your Life

Jimmy Page surprised concert-goers on Saturday night by debuting a new live tune from their recently released Presence album. “This was the first time Zeppelin did this tune from their Presence album lives on stage,” said Jimmy, using his Master Built Les Paul Custom Shop signature model, modified with a Bigsby Tremolo, which he uses to sneak in some subtle dives at just the right time, and a six-way rotary switch. “I didn’t know it would be on the set list until a few days before the show.”

The crowd of eager fans quickly got into the song’s groove and were treated to an energetic performance that left them wanting more. The song is currently available for streaming on Jimmy’s official YouTube channel. The Black Beauty 3-humbucker guitar is a beautiful instrument in all respects, with a charming, moody retro vibe. Jimmy desired to replace the one from a camera catalog from 1962 and use it as a professional musician.

Jimmy’s original 1960 Black Beauty was stolen at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport in April 1970 while on a tour of the United States. It was being used with Hard-Core LARA-3 Cantaloupe and had had the Bigsby tremolo unit replaced with an ABR-1 designed for short pitching. The guitar was brought back to Jimmy on November 12, 2015. It was a part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock & Roll exhibition before returning to Jimmy.

Trampled Under Foot

Another gem from the Physical Graffiti album is Robert Planted’s rearrangement of Robert Johnson’s Terraplane Blues. This song is a blues standard and has been covered by many artists over the years. Robert Planted takes this classic and gives it a modern feel, with his guitar work being the show’s star. His bluesy style perfectly suits his song, and he shows off his skills to full effect. This is an excellent addition to any Physical Graffiti fan’s collection and should be played often.

Jimmy Page modernized the song with his Digitech Whammy Pedal solo, adding some traditional wah-wah pedal melody to keep it moving. John Paul keeps things moving along on his Korg OASYS keyboard. John Paul enables the keyboard parts to give the song a long-lasting presence.

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Blind Willie Johnson’s “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” is a soulful, emotional song many artists have covered since its release in 1936. This particular cover was recorded by Jimmy Smith in 1965 and featured his famous wah-wah pedal opening. The song is a timeless classic that speaks to the heart of every person who has ever felt alone and helpless in their circumstances.

As expected, Robert Plant pulls off some killing bits on his harmonica. Please pay particular attention to his performances on Jone Paul Jones s TEN-string Manson JP10 custom-made stereo E-Bass! It is exceptional, and you must view and play it to listen to it.

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

Since I’ve Been Loving You

Anyone who loves the blues probably knows this song from the Led Zeppelin III album! “Since I’ve Been Loving You” is a classic rock song written by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. The song was released on the album “Led Zeppelin III” in 1968 and has been covered by several artists. The original version is well known for its heavy guitar riff and lyrics about a broken heart.

Recall the cover’s crazy images, which you will surely get in the mood for music by viewing, along with the rotating wheel (volvelle) that was an integral part of the experience and refuses to ever quit even in the event of rigorous testing.

My friends to the park-themed car, which super excited me about my favorite part: we were waiting to see the album above until it was ultimately broken, Jimmy jacked every part riff he located and added them to his intense playing, and he deserves standing ovation!

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

The Song Remains The Same

When I was growing up, my sister loved the band Zeppelin. She would always shout out when they came on the radio and was one of the few people at our house who could stomach listening to their heavy music. One of her favourite songs from Zeppelin was “This is the First Song on The Houses of the Holy Album.” She always told me how much she loved it, and I even remember her playing it for me once. Now, as an adult, I can appreciate it more than ever, and I’m glad my sister loved it too.

The song is played on 12-string guitar, which accounts for the big sound. Only Jimmy’s double-neck Gibson ES-1275 SG guitar features the songs. Listen to Jimmy’s phenomenal guitar here because it follows Jason Bonham’s great drum beats!

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

Misty Mountain Hop

This song, Misty Mountain Hop, is another great tune from the Led Zeppelin IV album. John Paul Jones opens the song with his signature keyboard opening, which carries the entire tune. The song is a hard-driving rocker that will keep you on your toes.

Misty Mountain Hop will surely get your adrenaline pumping with its catchy refrain and heavy guitar work. Jason Bonham’s powerful voice plays a different role as the band performs it live in concert. Before the band takes the stage, their dynamic display gives the individual a concept of how exceptional they are.

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

Rock And Roll

Led Zeppelin IV is one of the most famous rock albums ever. It was released in 1971 and has since been certified platinum. The album has 17 tracks, including the hit song “Stairway to Heaven” & “Rock and Roll,” which is a powerful song that captures the energy and spirit of rock and roll.

This powerhouse was the second encore of the concert and was often used as an encore in their shows. Jimmy Page returns to the microphone and says, “Hey, thanks a lot. It had been a fantastic night for all of us. The drum parts were breathtaking. Jason’s original drummer dad could not have played it better himself!

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

Interviews And Backstage Footage

Sadly, the long-awaited Blu-Ray release of the popular Nickelback concert film “Here and Now” includes no interviews, backstage footage, or bonus features. The only extra included is a trailer for the upcoming movie “Rocky.” Fans of the band were not very pleased with this decision by the filmmakers.

Concert critics and longtime fans of Led Zeppelin would likely enjoy some behind-the-scenes news after all these years! The deluxe edition of the $250 concert includes a bonus DVD with the Shepperton versions and news footage of a legendary episode of the Beeb. You’ll find more on the bonuses in the article ahead.

Top Picks: 'Friends' on Blu-ray, Led Zeppelin live DVD
Top Picks: ‘Friends’ on Blu-ray, Led Zeppelin live DVD

Stage Appearance, Backdrop, And Special Effects

The stage backdrop at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday was a sight to behold – a recreation of the sky over London from the early days of the band’s career. The key elements included Zeppelin’s trademark double-decker bus and swirling clouds. But what made this scene truly special was the array of state-of-the-art special effects that brought it to life. Nothing was left to chance in creating this incredible display, from raindrops to exploding fireworks.

Teenage Jimmy s ZOSO rock speaker chair and the Led Zeppelin I album cover graphic Jason a bass drum! The screen looked massive. Large portions of an image were displayed in black-and-white (literally only two colors), grayscale, full-color, a color/grayscale hybrid, or wireframe.

The crowd greatly benefited from the unfolding, but the effect was not detrimental because the intelligent element was excessively evident. Lasers and a spotlight were used to lay out the stage or with darkened backdrops, such as during parts of Whole Lotta Love.

Musical Equipment: Guitars, Amps, And Effects

Some related details are given below, respectively

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page, formerly known as James Patrick Page. He is best known for being the guitarist of the rock band Led Zeppelin. The page has been described as one of history’s most influential and significant guitar players. He has played on over 100 albums and has sold over 200 million records. His work with Led Zeppelin is considered some of the most incredible rock music ever created.

Jimmy Page


Jimmy was amid the following guitars on display when he was on stage. They have been featured in the show many times in the past.

  • Vintage “No 1” 1959 Les Paul
  • Master Built Jimmy Page Les Paul’s “Black Beauty” with Bigsby
  • Gibson Custom Shop ES-350
  • 1969-70 Cherry Les Paul With B-Bender (installed in the mid-1980s)
  • ES-1275 Double Neck SG
  • 1990 Les Paul “TransPerformance” Gold Top

Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck are two of the most renowned guitarists in history. They plug their guitars directly into the wall outlet instead of going wireless. Can these musical experts hear the difference between wireless and wired guitar lines, or are they playing old school? Wireless technology has come a long way since these two legendary musicians started using it, and many guitar players now swear by it.

Guitarists who go wireless often report hearing the sound of their strings more clearly and with less interference from other electronics in their environment. They also say they never have to worry about losing signal or interference again. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Jimmy Page or Jeff Beck or just starting, it’s worth trying out a wireless setup for your guitar!

John Paul Jones always seemed to prefer wired mic setups. That all changed a few years ago when he switched to wireless mics. And guess what? He still sounds great! Robert Plant has been using the same wired mic setup for many years, and it still gives him the sound he needs. But like John Paul, he’s decided to try the wireless plunge. And guess what? He still sounds great!

Both types of setups have pros and cons, but ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Finding a definitive answer on whether or not wireless or wired microphones are better is a waste of time.

Vintage Guitar
Vintage Guitar


Jimmy loved the sound of amps and always found himself drawn to the backlines at concerts. He had a four-stack wall with double heads sitting on one four-foot by twelve-foot cabinet. This setup was perfect for him, allowing him to crank up the volume and get that coveted Zeppelin sound. Although his collection is now limited to a few classic amps, Jimmy still enjoys listening to them and recalls some amazing concerts from his past.

From the left (audiences looking at the stage) to the right, the setup was:

  • Two Orange AD50 heads on an ENGL cabinet
  • Two Petersburg JP-100 Heads on an unidentified cabinet
  • Two Marshall Custom 100JH (Jimi Hendrix) Heads on a Marshal “ZOSO” cabinet
  • Two Orange OR50 Heads on an ENGL cabinet

Jimmy Page used the JP-100 amps starting in the mid-1990s. Reacquainting yourself with a vintage ZOSO cabinet is enough to send you an instant nostalgia trip! Ah, sing along with yesteryear’s good old rock and roll days. The ZOSO amps are known for their warm, fuzzy tones that evoke memories of classic rock records like “Led Zeppelin IV” and “Jimi Hendrix Experience.”


Jimmyâs pedalboard is a custom-built 2008 piece by Peter Cornish. The layout includes the usual suspects: a compressor, overdrive, distortion, and EQ pedals. However, some unique features on Jimmyâs board make it one of the most exciting and unique setups I have ever seen.

These include an octave up/down pedal, which can be used to create harmonic sounds or to add another level of intensity to solos; a delay pedal with multiple time settings; and a wah-wah pedal, which can be used for funk or soulful leads. This custom pedalboard provided the list of effects:

  • Two DigiTech Modified Whammy Pedals, each set to different parameters
  • A modified Jen Cry Baby Wah-Wah Pedal (Jen Elettronica)
  • An MXR Phase 90
  • A Yamaha CH-10Mk II chorus
  • A Boss CE-2 chorus

The pedalboard has a send return loop to a modified Echoplex EP-3. This allows more effects to be chained together, resulting in a more powerful sound. The pedalboard also features a toggle switch allowing players to choose between the original and modified sounds.

John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones was a true genius guitarist. He has been called one of the best, and he was. Jones played with some essential historical bands, such as Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones. His unique style blended with classical music to create some of the most potent soundtracks in history. His guitar playing was based on soulful melodies and heavy riffs, giving his songs a powerful punch. Jones was a master of his craft, and his influence can be heard in many modern-day guitarists.



He performs the three guitars during the show: John Paul Jones Maneuver 10 custom-made E-Bass. Hugh Manson crafted the guitar. It features a Badass II bridge, Hipshot D-tuner, and active EMG pickups. It is a 10-string bass with stereo output, Fender Precision fretless bass. John Paul Jones Signature E-Bass with his triquetra symbol engraved on the truss rod cover.

Here are the most vital specs of the Signature E Bass for all of you bottom-end followers and enthusiasts:

  • Color: Aged vintage cherry sunburst
  • Body: Mahogany with a quilted maple top and gloss finish
  • Neck: Maple, three-piece laminate with a gloss finish and matching headstock 
  • Scale and string spacing: 34″ scale with 19mm adjustable spacing
  • Neck Joint: Neck-through the body
  • Nut Width: 40mm
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Frets: 24
  • Pickups: Two Aguilar DCB humbuckers with an active EQ system
  • Electronics: Aguilar OBP-2, 9-volt, 2-band EQ
  • Controls: Volume, pickup pan control with a stacked bass, and treble cut/boost
  • Hardware: Gotoh machine heads and a Hipshot Kickass 3D bridge
Electric Guitar


There’s a lot of speculation about what bass amps John Paul might be using in his recent music video, but it’s tough to tell precisely because the mix is so inconsistent. Some people say they hear Fender basses, while others say Marshall amps. However, my best guess is that John Paul is probably using both brands of bass amplifiers. He typically uses Fender amplifiers when he records and tours with the band, but he also uses Marshall amps onstage because they’re known for their powerful sound.


Jones primarily uses a Korg OASYS synthesizer for creating synthesized sounds. He also uses a Korg X50 as an additional synth controller and sound source. Jones typically plays most of his keyboard parts on the OASYS, with occasional overdubs on the X50. Combining these two instruments allows him to create rich and complex synth sounds that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with just a guitar or pedalboard.

Audio Specs And Quality

The Blu-Ray has a high-definition DTS-HD 5.1 and stereo PCM soundtrack. The DTS HD 5.1 mix attenuates the perception of the power of Joh Paul Jones s bass guitar, making his bass lines sound a little thin, and puts most of the sound mix in the surround channels. This leaves the center channel to provide more details in Joh Paul Jones’ vocals, enhancing their clarity. The stereo PCM soundtrack does not suffer from this issue, providing rich detail in Joh Paul Jones’ bass lines and his vocals without a noticeable loss in power or quality.

The Dolby Atmos DTS-X system I recently purchased gave my newer audio soundtracks a cleaner sound quality, but I was t able to get the booming bass I wanted when I listened to John Pauls. It is simpler to make John Pauls’s bass guitars sound bigger when running 400 watts of dual subwoofers simultaneously! A significant difference in the audio integrity is audible on both CDs with Stereo PCM against Seek and Playback allotted to an audio schedule of one CD side. I believe overall; the more balanced sound is in a better position in that I will use that audio option to fabricate a podcast whenever I need to.

The audio included on the two CDs you received from Blockbuster rented by the Blu-Ray has the standard 16-bit LPCM format sampled at 44,100 Hz. The tunes from the CDs sound as good as the audio from the rented Blu-Ray and are likely reversed to video format.

Video Specs And Quality

The overall video quality of the concert is excellent. It was pro-shot with 16 cameras, and the resulting AVC Encoded Blu-Ray (1080i) transfer using a MPEG-4 19.90 Mbps Codec provides impressive detail and definition. The aspect ratio is a 1.78:1 Widescreen format which renders the video comfortable on most televisions.

My Favorite Moments

Here are some of the songs that I thought made the show outstanding. These songs came out during the end or middle of the drama. As the show went on, things came to seem more familiar.

The kids began to relax as they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, especially in the manner that Jimmy started displaying some of his most engaging guitar moves and poses. Jason’s fear was understandable as he was about to take on the role of his father as the guitarist in your father’s band, but he executed his task admirably.

Series producers Robert Carruthers, Rob Marshall, and Lorne Ganger were hopeful, but neither could explain how everything turned out during the rehearsal. By the end, Robert Carruthers triumphantly says, Hey Dick (Carruthers – director & producer), we succeeded!

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

No Quarter

No zone has always been considered one of my favorites on the houses Of The Holy. They played this rendition so methodically and were given each little component ideal. It’s continually completed a touch differently with such exciting keyboard improvisations. John Paul performs a “haunting” solo on his Korg OASYS that suits flawlessly with Jimmy’s wah-wah powered riffs and brief touches of the theremin.

It became played within the key of C minor, a little uncommon but brilliant. If there has ever been a song written primarily for a fog gadget, that is it, and a multicolored fog slowly made its manner throughout the degree, much like within the antique days.

Dazed And Confused

As Robert Plant proclaims, this Led Zeppelin I song is another “should-play” variety. The target market would not accept it as accurate with the show turned over without it. We usually recognize it after John Paul performs the first two starting notes on his bass guitar, and the gang goes wild.

Jimmy’s starting wah-wah pedal-fueled lick with the notice bends behind the nut in no way appears to get old, regardless of how I hear it in many instances. It is only a prelude to what we all understand is coming. At the same time, Jimmy whips out the violin bow and switches on the Echoplex to create an improbable guitar solo, subsidized through a splendid laser light display!

Dazed And careworn with the aid of Jake Holmes Dazed And pressured became a reality written via and primarily performed by Jake Holmes. The Yardbirds rearranged it in 1967 and recorded it in 1968. Led Zeppelin re-recorded it in 1969, beneath Jimmy’s path, for their debut album with new lyrics.

Holmes sued Led Zeppelin in June 2010 inside the US District courtroom. He alleged that Zeppelin, particularly Jimmy’s web page, a former Yardbirds member, committed copyright infringement.

The case became “brushed off with prejudice” on January 17, 2012, after the web page and Holmes reached an undisclosed agreement. Nevertheless, “Dazed And stressed” is one of Led Zeppelin’s exceptional hits.

Stairway To Heaven

This best musical mixing of folks-rock and complex rock from the Led Zeppelin IV album is undoubtedly the most identified Zeppelin song inside the international and a centerpiece of any show. It was written to be performed on each six and 12-string guitar.

It’s fun to watch Jimmy pull off each part of the song by switching among the six and 12-string necks on his Cherry crimson Gibson ES-1275, essentially a double-neck SG guitar. The aggregate of John Paul’s keyboard, Jimmy’s guitar, and Robert Plant’s lyrics make this tune magical. Now not to diminish Jason’s drums, which mixture in superbly.

Every budding rock guitar participant tries to study the whole riff and practices it so excessively that it’s practically unlawful to play in any tune without being requested to leave. If you disagree with me, then give it a try to see for yourself.


The physical Graffiti album is domestic to Kashmir, played in the D-A-D-G-A-D open tuning. The track is written in complex meters and becomes inspired for the duration of Robert Plant’s trip to Morocco. Every part of this track is hard to play on each tool in the right rhythmic time, but it makes such an effective musical assertion.

It became remarkable to see Jimmy use his B-Bender Les Paul for this song, which he has extensively utilized for “All Of My Love” on the album “In Through The Out Door.” The version of Kashmir they played at the celebration Day concert changed into being nominated at the 2014 56th Grammy awards for first-class Rock performance.

Godzilla 1998 DVD, Did you recognize that Jimmy’s web page worked with American rapper Puff Daddy to rearrange Kashmir and renamed “include Me” for the 1998 movie Godzilla? Jimmy and Tom Morello provided the guitar elements and introduced orchestral elements.

This incredible song rendition became used over the film’s cease credits. It’s the best movie I permit hold to play (except there’s a secret finishing), which will hear the tune. “include Me” is so infectious that you receive it and can stop humming it if you have yet to hear it or see the film, purchase or stream it immediately, if not quicker!

Here is a video of Zeppelin appearing in “Kashmir” on the O2 arena. You be the decide.

Whole Lotta Love

If you’re a rock guitar player, you possibly learned the solo to “entire Lotta Love” or at least tried it sooner or later. While I used to be in high college, I played it on every occasion I got the chance and in no way was given tired of its flashy hammer-ons and big bends.

The entire Lotta Love is the first encore of the show. It’s constantly a Zeppelin crowd-pleaser with all the same old, tastefully overdone on-stage antics. This music featured tremendous lights and laser outcomes with LCD pics that pulled all of it collectively visually.

Jimmy Summons His Theremin for “Whole Lotta Love” No overall performance might be complete without Jimmy’s “theremin fest,” which hails back to the Nineteen Seventies and remains excellent today! This system has ended up as a part of the track, and you wouldn’t be able to pull the track off properly without it.

Jimmy used his 1990 Les Paul “TransPerformance” Gold pinnacle to play the track, making most of the target audience’s guitar players wonder, “what’s that?” It has a TransPerformance bridge and a digital self-tuning gadget. You could see the controls and virtual show, which might be installed at the top.

Jimmy page’s Les Paul TransPerformance guitar
Jimmy’s Les Paul “TransPerformance” Gold top
Jimmy was the first to advise the TransPerformance Tuning gadget on guitar and used it at the 1993 Coverdale web page and 1995 web page-Plant excursions.

It is designed and manufactured through AxCent Tuning systems LLC. The newer fashions can immediately switch to several loads of to-be-had exchange tunings with the rush of a button while you play. Joe Perry, Mick Fleetwood, Eddie Van Halen, and Pete Townshend have all used the TransPerformance Tuning device.

What I Didn’t Like

Overall, the Blu-Ray was nicely executed; you get what you pay for. For the enormous majority of us that didn’t get to look at the live performance stay, this video became a Godsend! But there are some things that I assume could have been accomplished otherwise.

Surround Sound Could Be Better

The surround soundtrack does provide a “live-sounding” experience; however, it had the audio barriers I listed above inside the segment on “Audio specs And first-class.” I comprehend that the concert changed into filmed in 2007, but a remixed DTS five.1 audio codec on the Blu-Ray edition with more interest to sound area detail might be excellent for those who recognize a real home theatre. The stereo soundtrack at the Blu-Ray, which I choose to pay attention to, is a superb and welcome choice.

No Extras Included On The Blu Ray

No extras are included unless you buy the $250 (US) deluxe edition, which has a different bonus DVD that consists of the “Shepperton rehearsal,” the “Zeppelin Media moment,” and the “Tampa opening movie.” the rate of the USA deluxe edition has fallen several times. As of December 8, 2022, you may purchase it for less than $33 (thanks, Mike!).

The Shepperton Rehearsal

The Shepperton rehearsal is almost 2 hours long and consists of the complete setlist for the show. The video is of low fine because it was shot with the simplest digicam from the far give up of the studio, so the band individuals are hard to see. The audio is uncompressed LPCM 2.0, which sounds ok for non-excessive def sound.

The Zeppelin Media Moment

The Zeppelin media moment is less than four minutes of British information report about the concert.

The Tampa Opening Film

The Tampa beginning film is proven on the show’s beginning at the O2 area recording, as stated above in “a very Cool information Flashback to start The display.” it’s been cropped to put it within the 1.78:1 Widescreen aspect ratio. However, it turned into first filmed in 4:three fullscreen in 1973.

An Alternate Option

I can consider that they stored the extras for a deluxe version to make extra cash. However, most people need help finding the money to pay $250 (US)! It became such a historical rock occasion that they must have made them be had to absolutely everyone who offered the concert video.

An opportunity advertising and marketing method would have been to locate a conspicuous caution on the DVD and Blu-Ray variants to tell fanatics that the deluxe version’s most effective include the extra disk with the bonus functions.

You can now view the Shepperton practice session in its entirety on YouTube. The price of the america deluxe version has fallen numerous times. As of December eight, 2022, you may purchase it for much less than $33 (thanks, Mike!).

Final Thoughts For Led Zeppelin Celebration Day Review

This live performance became an outstanding possibility to pay attention to Led Zeppelin to play live again after their 27-12 months absence, notwithstanding their drummer’s untimely demise.

John Bonham’s son, Jason, did a great activity recreating the classic Zeppelin vibe with his fashion. He ought to have easily allowed Zeppelin to e-book other excursion dates.

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

Jimmy’s page was reputedly open to the concept of having the band lower back together or, at minimum, doing a 2nd night of the 2007 live performance, but neither ever happened for a diffusion of motives.

For the 18,000 fans fortunate enough to see this live performance in man or woman, I’m optimistic it should live vividly in their minds, even after all these years! We were gifted with a 16 digicam pro-shot video and audio recording to seize the moment for the rest people. Seeing Led Zeppelin perform live on three instances, this performance captured the band’s raw power, which certainly can’t be fully appreciated in a studio recording.

If you’ve not seen this live performance, please put that on the pinnacle of your musical to-do listing! It’s an exciting revel with a phenomenal display and Jimmy and John Paul’s guitars’ appearance and top sound notch. Led Zeppelin was inducted into the Rock And Roll corridor Of reputation in 1995.


What did Led Zeppelin represent?

The symbol that Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant chose for Led Zeppelin IV is much more trustworthy in starting place. Depicting a circle around a feather, the image represents the feather of Ma’at, the historic Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, concord, and balance.

What do Zeppelin symbols suggest?

The four symbols on the label and inside sleeve of Led Zeppelin IV represent (from left to right) Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham, and Robert Plant.

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