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The Best Couch Guitar – Relaxing, And Effortless To Play!

Here I’m discussing what makes the best couch guitar and how to locate yours. If you’re a tough-middle player, you must maintain, as a minimum, one guitar on or near your sofa. When it’s time to loosen up, you clutch your preferred beverage and head to the couch or chair to play a few tunes. Then, you watch some tube as you sharpen your chops. Locating the right tool for the activity can take years of experimentation!

If you’re still looking for the sofa/couch guitar of your dreams, keep reading to clear all your concepts.

What Is A “Couch Guitar?”

High-quality couch Guitar – A girl playing an electric-powered guitar on the couch, Must you ask? What guitar do you attain because it is made for how you play, regardless of how you position yourself? Is it your maximum luxurious, excellent-sounding, or lightest guitar? Now not necessarily.

One factor is for sure. When you locate it, the whole thing seems proper with the sector, and it’s a beautiful second which you’ll in all likelihood in no way forget about! I rotate guitars I maintain on the couch, even though I have my favorites.

The Best Couch Guitar

Characteristics Of The Best Couch Guitar

So, what are some things to remember while seeking a couch guitar? For example, it can depend on whether you play electric-powered or acoustic and the tune you like.

Size, Shape, And Weight

Length and form may be essential in deciding on the best couch guitar. A guitar body that is too large or heavy could make it hard to get comfy. Oddly formed guitars can be elaborate to stability or position quite simply, particularly if you’re sitting in an abnormal function.

I favour electric-powered guitars with traditional frame shapes, like a Telecaster, Strat, or SG. However, small-body acoustics can work quality properly. A Les Paul can get a little heavy after some time. Also, guitars with bizarre-shaped frames, like a Flying V or an Explorer, can be extra challenging to play conveniently.

Short Scale Neck Guitars

Short-scale neck guitars tend to paint nicely on the couch. They may be extra compact and feature a decreased string tension, making pressing down and bending the strings easier. It will translate right into a more excellent secure playing revel.

If you’re seeking a notable short-scale neck, check out the Fender Squier Mini Jazzmaster, which has a highly brief scale length of 22.Seventy-five inches! This guitar appears to vanish into the couch and become a herbal part of you. At less than $two hundred, you, without a doubt, can’t beat the rate.

On the acoustic side, I like the small size and massive sound of a Taylor GS Mini (a scaled-down Grand Symphony). Those guitars have a short scale (23.Five″) neck with great movement.

What Defines A Parlor guitar?

A “parlor guitar” is a compact instrument with an utterly slim waist that became popular in the late 19th century. Their small length and lightweight production make them some other exact choice to don’t forget for a couch guitar.

The sound of those guitars can range depending on the kind of wood used to lead them. However, they tend to be loudest in the midrange frequencies. Paul Reed Smith, Yamaha, Takamine, and Epiphone all make high-quality parlor guitars. Evaluate the waist of the PRS Parlor to that of the Taylor GS Mini shown above, and you may, without problems, see the difference.

The Best Couch Guitar

Do Travel Guitars Sound Good?

Travel Guitars may be specifically designed to be small and extremely lightweight, but are they an excellent choice for comfortable couch playing with good sound and performance? Tour guitars have, without a doubt, come in an extended manner satisfactory over time. They sell everywhere from beneath $two hundred to lots of greenbacks at excessive cease.

Those guitars are available in both electric and acoustic varieties. The electric travel guitars are generally the most compact but don’t sound as accurate as the acoustic ones played unplugged. I stored a journey guitar on my couch, off and on, for years. They may be first-rate for playing on a small sofa or a considerable chair like a recliner.


A couch guitar should be smooth to play so that the enjoyment is delightful. The neck must have low movement and convenient access to the higher frets if you are a technical participant who likes playing guitar solos or challenging chord progressions.

I thought I’d survey to find out what most guitarists think; here’s what I found. A Gibson SG is a great desire, and the guitar I play is usually on my couch. It’s miles mild with outstanding neck movement and upper worry access. Further, it has a front-hooked-up guitar jack, so you don’t need a guitar chord with a right-angle plug.

One more guitar I play on my couch is a Parker Fly Deluxe, for most of the same reasons. The Fly has magnetic and piezo pickups, so you can plug in to play electric-powered or acoustic, or each concurrently. It’s like having your cake and ingesting it too!

Volume Accommodation

Can your guitar effortlessly adjust to diverse volume necessities? Loudness is particularly important in case you don’t live on your own. If other human beings are trying to look at tv or communicate, then a guitar is. It is too loud, even acoustically, and may be an undesirable distraction.

The Best Couch Guitar

Acoustic and semi-hollow body guitars have a noticeably fixed volume. They may be first-rate for playing on my own when you don’t want to plug into an amp because they may be loud enough to be heard over background noise like a movie.

An unamplified electric-powered guitar is a nostril-friendly alternative if the couch is shared, like its family room. I can exercise scales and arpeggios on the sofa without hearing the guitar. Beginning guitar gamers may discover this difficult or counterproductive. Remember that accuracy and timing are crucial even when playing in comfy surroundings.


A couch guitar ought to be ready so that you can grab and seize it without hassle. It should be on a nearby guitar stand or live on the couch. You want to use something other than your priceless vintage’ fifty-four Strat or 1936-’42 Martin D-45 that you have locked up in your guitar vault.

Ideally, your couch guitar has to be something you feel comfy leaving out unsupervised, mainly when you have children or friends over while you are not around to shield it.

Does Your Couch Matter (Best Couch For Guitar)?

Does the scale, shape, top, and fabric that your couch is produced from affect how cosy it will be to play your guitar? Have you brought your guitar to the furnishings save to give it the ol’ “attempt before you buy?” Trust it or not, I sincerely thought of doing this while purchasing my closing living room couch; however, I didn’t go with it. Happily, the whole thing turned out adequate.

The Best Couch Guitar

Here are some concerns you would likely not forget if you are couch-looking.

  • Is there enough room on the sofa for a great-length guitar without it hitting in opposition to the lower back and pushing the guitar out of alignment along with your frame?
  • Do you sink two ways into the cushion to be cosy while you play?
  • Does the form of the couch put your body in a unique position? A few antique sofas may be an actual killjoy!
  • While you play, is the couch too high or low to the floor to take a seat with ease with one or two toes on the foot, or do you have to sit together with your legs crossed on the couch?
  • Does the couch make your back hurt when you play for a while?
  • Is the couch long enough to stretch out on it simultaneously as you play or accommodate one or other human

Final Thoughts On The Best Couch Guitar

Finally, what precisely is a “couch guitar?” Ask 100 gamers what their favourite guitar is to play on the couch while they loosen up, and you could get one hundred one-of-a-kind answers. A couch guitar is, in the end, described as anything that works pleasant for you.

Final Thoughts

Some players trade their couch guitar frequently, while others use the same one for their entire gambling career. When deciding on the best couch guitar for you, it’s critical to consider different elements, like the sofa you have and your precise living scenario. Preserve attempting great guitars till you find what you’re searching out. What you eventually come to be within your sofa may additionally wonder you.

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Which guitars are easier to play?

Electric guitars are simpler to play. The strings are lighter and a long way greater comfortable than acoustic guitars. One key aspect that makes electric-powered guitars appealing is that they’re loads smaller than acoustic guitars, making studying more relaxed.

Which is the cosy acoustic guitar to play?

If you’re searching for the first-class acoustic guitar basic, you cannot get much higher than the Taylor Builder’s version V-class K14ce. Perfectly marrying an antique vibe with cutting-edge playability gives high-quality upper fret admission to comfy body contours and, most importantly, a distinctive unplugged tone.

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