Ask Your Pain Management Doctor

Questions To Ask Your Pain Management Doctor

Pain can affect your overall quality of life and sometimes your ability to perform everyday tasks. A pain management dr has special training to diagnose and help treat different types of pain.

They can help you relieve pain and promote a better quality of life. Here are some questions you can ask your pain management specialist to build a collaborative relationship:

What Causes My Pain?

Pain and discomfort can result from infection, inflammation, nerve damage, diseases, or injuries from trauma. Each patient’s pain is treated uniquely, so pain management specialists seek to identify the cause before administering treatment.

Experts can use various techniques to diagnose potential causes. Common methods pain management experts can use include medical imaging, physical examination, reviewing your medical history, blood tests including CRP blood tests, or nerve tests.

What Are the Goals of Treatment?

Understanding the goals of treatment can help patients know what to expect in the course of their pain management sessions. Since each patient’s treatment is individualized, the goals may vary depending on their overall health, personal preferences, or the type and severity of the pain.

After a thorough diagnosis, pain management experts can use the results to formulate accurate treatment goals. 

Common treatment goals may include pain relief, preventing complications, and improving function and mobility. A doctor can use these goals to measure progress throughout treatment and adjust the plan accordingly. 

How Do I Benefit From the Pain Treatment?

Depending on the diagnosis and goals of treatment, your pain management dr can recommend treatment options like epidural steroid injections or dorsal root ganglion (DRG) stimulation.

These treatment options are often targeted toward managing inflammation or infections that may be causing the pain. Opting for specialized treatment options to manage pain can be more effective in helping you enjoy relief. 

Pain management techniques can help patients achieve relief without needing to undergo surgery. Medications, injections, therapy, or nerve blocks used in treatment may help you enjoy better results.

During your sessions, your doctor can explain the benefits and risks of each treatment procedure, allowing you to participate in your recovery. 

Do You Collaborate With Other Professionals?

Pain management specialists can use a multispecialty approach to help patients achieve relief. Your doctor may collaborate with other experts and combine their expertise to offer comprehensive care.

The collaboration can happen throughout treatment and post-recovery to make sure patients are fully rehabilitated. This can help patients enjoy long-term relief and manage any recommended lifestyle changes. 

Pain management doctors can also collaborate with professionals outside the healthcare sector, like adjusters, in worker’s compensation cases. As specialists in their field, pain management experts can offer technical support, which may be required in caring for an injured worker.


How Can I Increase Comfort While Living With Pain?

Pain can affect multiple areas of your life, including your physical and mental health, work performance, or social relationships. Pain management doctors can suggest lifestyle changes to improve your quality of life.

Common lifestyle changes that experts may suggest for people in pain may include relaxation techniques, exercises, a balanced diet, and adequate sleep. Depending on the impact the pain has caused, they may also recommend extra treatment solutions like therapy to improve emotional and psychological wellness.

Lifestyle changes can be recommended on an individual basis to help make the recovery process easier. Pain management experts may also conduct physical examinations to test your condition during follow-up appointments and adjust the intensity of certain treatment solutions.

Work With a Pain Management Dr Today

Pain can cause discomfort and affect your quality of life, and you may need expert help to reduce its intensity. Working with a pain management dr may provide you with relief without surgical intervention.

The experts diagnose the cause of your pain and may prescribe medication, nerve blocks, therapy, and injections. They may also recommend lifestyle changes to help you enjoy long-term relief. Find a professional pain management clinic today