Best Instagram Growth Hacks for Beginners

6 Best Instagram Growth Hacks for Beginners

Want to supercharge your Instagram with new followers quickly and easily? You are at the right place. In an era where Instagram has become the most important part of social media strategy, getting the desired number of followers remains a big problem for brands and creators.

The ever-changing trends, evolving algorithms, high competition, and content saturation made it even more difficult for beginners to attract followers and increase engagement. According to statistics, over 200 million people visit at least one Instagram business page once a day. Now the question is how to optimize your account to ensure that you are one of such profiles that get visited by the masses.

To cope with this and ensure a high number of followers on your account, you need to adopt a proper strategy that includes a combination of creative content, trending concepts, and best-in-class approaches.

In this blog, we will discuss the best Instagram growth hacks for beginners to get an initial boost for their accounts and maintain a robust online presence that transforms into engagement and conversions.

Following these hacks helps you to survive in the competitive social media world by increasing followers and reaching a broader audience.

Leverage the Power of Instagram Stories

Instagram algorithms favor and promote the usage of Instagram stories to reach and connect with people. This short-lived but highly engaging content gives you a number of options to connect and engage with people and encourage them to follow you.

It is even observed that people engage with stories more than the posted content. Instagram provides valuable inbuilt features like asking questions, conducting polls and quizzes, conducting surveys, “add yours” option, and many more such interactive features that can boost engagement.

Moreover, if there is a story that you want people to see even after 24 hours, Instagram gives you the option to add it in the highlights section and make it permanent on your profile.

Buy Some Followers for Initial Boost.

It’s challenging for beginners to make their content reach people and drive them to their profile. The initial boost is necessary to enhance the visibility of your content, create a reputable image in the market and bring more people to your profile. The easiest and most affordable way to get the initial boost is to buy Instagram followers from authentic websites present on the web.

They ensure sending you genuine and authentic followers with an active Instagram account. A minor investment in purchasing these followers has the power to multiply your following in less time.

When you have a certain number of followers, Instagram itself boosts your account’s content on the “for you” page and increases its reach. The chances of getting organic followers also increase, which in turn boosts engagement and increases leads.

Encourage User Generated Content

User-generated content is the best and most popular way to drive engagement and connect with your audience simultaneously. It’s more engaging, relatable, and authentic content that promotes real-time connection with your followers and the general public, which helps in building a community.

The most usable type of UGC content is creating brand hashtags and running a unique campaign to involve people to promote it. For example – mobile brands can launch a new challenge to click black and white selfies and post them with the brand hashtag to get featured on their story.

Besides that, running UGC contests and offering giveaways to the winners is another beneficial UGC content idea that encourages people to fulfil your challenges in order to win prizes. Such types of content drive meaningful engagement and promote your content to the next level.

Prioritize Reels

At present, reels are the most viral type of content on Instagram, which has the power to storm your profile with likes, comments and followers. Harness the potential of sharing your content using these 15-30-second reels and reach a huge number of people on Instagram.

To leverage its full potential, choosing your content wisely by considering the Instagram guidelines and algorithms is important. Choose content, whether it’s funny, inspirational, creative, entertaining, educational, etc., but that is also relevant to your target audience and matches the niche of your profile.

Using trending audio and music and engaging with trends multiply the chances of reels going viral. You can even add your brand message or promotional content to the description section. Use trending hashtags to increase the reel’s reach and visibility, which can ultimately increase followers.

Use Hashtags Effectively

Hashtags are one of the most important parts of Instagram that allow creators to group their content under one category. You can use up to 30 hashtags, but using such a huge number of hashtags sometimes makes people see your account as spam.

Therefore, it’s advisable to use 15-20 best hashtags that can increase the reach of your content to a broader target audience. Use a combination of popular, niche-specific, general and brand hashtags to leverage the most out of it.

You own brand hashtag can boost the presence of your Instagram profile and encourage your followers to use it to promote your content. Place hashtags strategically and monitor their performance in order to update your strategy for every post. Avoid using the same hashtags for all the posts, as it can lead your account to get shadow banned.

Optimize your Bio

Bio is the voice of your Instagram page that gives the basic information about your brand to your audience. You have to write a clear, crisp and optimized bio for your page that gives a concise description of your brand, its mission, vision, offers, etc., along with a clickable CTA to take visitors to your website or other pages.

Adding social proofs like the number of satisfied customers, projects delivered, customer retention rate, customer service score, etc., further enhances its relevance. Ensure adding the primary keyword in the bio section to get your account targeted for specific keywords.

Keeping it blank or overfilling it with useless information is a big red flag, as your account seems unprofessional in such a case. Add a slice of creativity by using relevant emojis in the bio to captivate the viewers’ interest and deliver your message easily.


Instagram is the goldmine for creators and brands to reach their target audience easily and efficiently. However, Instagram is already filled with professionals with in-depth knowledge about Instagram algorithms, prevailing trends, audience’s tastes and preferences and the most innovative ways to connect with their audience.

To survive in such a competitive world, following some unique and creative growth hacks not only helps you maintain a strong presence but also compete with them in terms of engagement, followers and reach. These growth hacks are your ultimate weapon to drive followers to your profile and expand your online presence on this most popular platform.