How Can I Find a Brandable Domain Name

How Can I Find a Brandable Domain Name?

The website domain name of a business is a powerful marketing tool that should be meaningful, distinctive, and memorable. You may need the help of a premium domain name broker to get a brandable name that can boost your business marketing efforts. Here are some tips to help you get a brandable domain name:

Outsource the Services

premium domain name broker helps businesses to purchase, develop, or co-develop powerful brand names. Research the history of the broker to determine their track record. Some factors to verify in a broker expert include:

  • Experience: Find out how long the broker has been in the domain brand name industry. An experienced agent may have the know-how to get a brandable business domain name
  • Success stories: Check if the broker has a powerful brand to prove their qualifications.
  • Expertise and education: The agent should be able to guide you through the different options for getting a brandable domain name. If you opt to buy, develop, or co-develop a brand name, the broker should be able to provide the professional guidance you need to make informed decisions.

Develop a New Brand Name

You may create a new word that does not exist as your brandable domain name. Many tech companies prefer to create their own unique brand name. Develop a name that is catchy, memorable, and with minimal competition for search engine positions. 

Find Potential for Growth

Choose a brandable domain name that can grow with the company. A brand domain name specific to the current business activities may be limited as the business evolves. A domain name that is more vague may accommodate the growth and expansion of your company. Consider a brand name focusing on your business traits, such as personality and values, rather than specific activities. 

Search the Name 

Once you identify an appropriate brandable domain name, plug it into search engines to verify the name is not in use by another company. Check that no other business in the same field as your venture has adopted an almost identical name. Trademark the domain name once you confirm it is available so no other business snatches it up. 

Look for Distinctiveness

A brandable domain name is unique and can stand out amongst competitors. Get a name that uniquely resonates with your venture to evoke better impressions in the market. Your brand should drive clients to your business, not to a competitor’s address that may sound or appear similar.

Use Simple Words

A brandable domain name should be easy to spell for clients to access your website. Opt for words with spelling that may be easy to identify. Choose a name that has a single spelling option. Avoid words that may be confused for other words when spoken aloud.

“Right” and “write” may sound similar, but they are spelled differently. If you opt for a brandable name that may be misspelled, consider registering the possible misspelled domain names.

Utilize Long-tail URLs

Localizing a domain name with a long-tail URL may get traffic to your business website from your target location. A long-tail URL uses a keyword phrase as part of the domain name. You may use Google Keyword Planner or a keyword generator tool to get an appropriate keyword phrase to integrate into the domain name. 

Find Trademarkable Brand Names

Trademarking a brandable domain name can be easier than finding a keyword website name. You can only trademark your domain name in the jurisdiction where you have registered it.

If you plan to use the domain name in other regions, you must also trademark it in those places. Each area has its unique requirements and processes for filing for a trademark. 

Get Help from a Premium Domain Name Broker  

A business domain name is a key marketing tool that should be well thought out. Unique, short, memorable names can help your venture stand out in the competitive digital market. A premium domain name broker has the knowledge and expertise to get you a brandable domain name to drive organic traffic to your website.

A unique website name may be your bridge to becoming a well-known global brand. Start your search today to find a reputable domain broker that can help you find premium domain names.