Why Professional Essay Writers Don’t Consider AI a Shortcut

Why Professional Essay Writers Don’t Consider AI a Shortcut

In recent years, powerful tools based on advanced natural language processing algorithms have appeared. For example, GPT chat is now used in various fields, including academic assignments, marketing, content creation, etc. However, school tasks certainly require a human touch. 

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Despite chat GPT’s potential, it is key to realize that neural networks like these aren’t the best way to create quality texts. This is especially true for academic topics.

Below, we have compiled the reasons why experienced authors don’t rely on GPT chat. Study them to know the weaknesses of this tool.

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What’s Wrong With GPT Chat?

Indeed, the chat GPT developers have made significant steps to make the tool capable of generating coherent and meaningful material. The chatbot’s ability to analyze huge amounts of data and produce ready-made text content similar to human writing is truly impressive.

However, it has a fundamental limitation: the network takes information from online articles, mainly before 2021. The generated text may contain biased, inaccurate, or incomplete information. 

Chatbot often creates misleading content, especially in niche areas. Therefore, writers from MyPaperHelp review become a real salvation. They always provide relevant, true facts with correct sources and offer original ideas. The teacher will surely be impressed by your work, and your academic performance will improve greatly.

Why Do Authors Write Texts on Their Own?

School assignments require a deep understanding of the subject area, accurate terminology, and clear explanations. A chatbot can generate texts that seem quite fine at first glance. Yet, AI lacks contextual understanding and a profound approach.

Academic assignments require the author to immerse in the topic completely and have deep knowledge. Apart from this, the chatbot can’t understand many key details as it mainly relies on statistical patterns.

Essay writing requires creativity, critical thinking, and developing strong arguments and compelling examples. A chatbot is limited by predefined algorithms and patterns present in its training data. It cannot develop an innovative idea, adapt to unexpected situations, or understand the unique requirements of a particular project.

In contrast, professional writers bring knowledge, experience, and intuition to any assignment. This allows them to create material that meets all your requirements and expectations.

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Main Limitations of GPT Chat

  • It may produce incorrect or superficial answers. This is due to several factors. First of all, there may have been no sources of accurate information during model training.
  • The chatbot is sensitive to the phrasing of the incoming request. The question must be quite specific. If the incoming request is interpreted ambiguously, the model doesn’t ask clarifying questions but simply begins to generate answers.
  • It is not always good at highlighting dangerous and safe content.
  • The bot’s answers must be double-checked since it often writes coherent texts with many inaccuracies and mistakes.
  • It may not offer the desired answer the first time. In this case, you should either enter the same query again or rephrase it a little.
  • It likes to add a lot of unnecessary information to the text, and it also spams with certain phrases (which, most likely, were given during training).
  • It doesn’t replenish its knowledge base constantly. And it’s not capable of generating something undeniably original.
  • It gives vague or incorrect answers to queries about specific personalities and situations. 
  • It is unsuitable for generating texts on personal topics that need your experience, impressions, unique ideas, etc.

Cases When You Shouldn’t Count On GPT Chat

Perhaps the first case where chat is definitely not the best assistant is when it comes to complex tasks with difficult concepts and a confusing background. Chat is unlikely to understand the nuances and provide brilliant examples. So, a human approach is simply irreplaceable here.

Next, almost all essays require students to showcase empathy, creativity, and emotional intelligence. Do you need to convey personal feelings, impressions and experiences? The authors will do this in the best possible way. Originality is a very important feature of any work, and unfortunately, GPT chat can’t provide it.

Now, let’s talk about tasks with many exact dates, personalities, and facts. Because chat makes mistakes and uses outdated information, you shouldn’t rely on it here, either. Double-checking your information is the best advice when using chat, but it will take twice as long.

Does school homework require unique suggestions and creativity? Chat won’t help here. The writing can be quite predictable, boring, and full of clichés.

In general, school assignments become more difficult from semester to semester. If the topic of the assignment is very narrow and the work must be written based on in-depth research and your personal considerations, then it is better to entrust it to talented specialists. 

The same goes for originality. The chat usually generates material with a high content of plagiarism. You definitely don’t want to have additional problems, right? 

More and more universities are tightening their rules regarding plagiarism and using innovative tools to detect it. It is better to rely on authors who provide you with a free report on originality.

To Wrap It Up

Of course, generative technology is just beginning to develop, but for now, GPT chat can’t replace human writers.

The system copes well with basic tasks, such as doing simple research or translating text. However, the material will likely contain a lot of plagiarism, banal thoughts, and inaccuracies. It also lacks originality and out-of-the-box thinking.

Therefore, professional authors rely on their expertise and broad outlook. You can always be in contact with them to explain homework requirements, make changes to the paper, or suggest a new approach. Trusting them will be a great decision to improve your academic performance.