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How to Find the Best 1/8 Violin

Finding the best 1/8 violin, especially for starting string players, can be difficult. Choosing the right violin is crucial to learning and playing the instrument successfully.

This article will advise what characteristics to look for in a 1/8 violin and the most dependable brands. You’ll also discover what accessories are required for assembling and caring for the instrument.

How to Find the Best 1/8 Violin

It cannot be easy to choose the best violin for your child. When choosing an instrument, there are many things to consider, like size, sound quality, price, and playability. The following advice will help you locate the ideal 1/8 violin for your requirements.

First, consider what size instrument best fits your child’s physical characteristics. They should be able to comfortably hold the proper-sized violin and quickly access all its notes. Visit a music store if necessary so they can test out various sizes to see which one fits them the best. Before purchasing, find out what kind of sound quality each instrument has.

Who Needs a ⅛ Violin?

Any individual who needs to move toward their music from an alternate point. The violin can deliver everything you need, whether you’re looking for a sophisticated classical accompaniment or want to give your indie rock band some distinctive flavour. Thanks to its lovely sound and astounding versatility, the violin can make sounds that no other instrument can match.

4/4 or ‘full size.’Age 11 and upArm lengths of 23.5 inches or longer
3/4Children 10-11Arm lengths between 22 inches and 23.5 inches
1/2 or ‘half-size.’Children 8-10Arm lengths between 20 inches and 22 inches
1/4Children 6-7Arm lengths between 17.6 inches and 20 inches
1/8 or ‘mini.’ Children 5 years oldArm lengths between 17.1 and 17.5 inches
1/10 or ‘mini.’Children 4 years oldArm lengths between 15 ⅜ inches and 17 inches
1/16 or ‘toy violins.’Children 2-3 years oldArm lengths between 14 inches and 15 ⅜ inches

It’s simpler to learn than you might imagine if you acquire some fundamental knowledge of music theory and locate a qualified instructor. You could quickly learn to play folk songs or jazz riffs with some practice.

What Considerations are there for a 5-Year-Old?

If your young child is a beginner, you should make sure that they start by learning the basic concepts of violin notes, each letter of the alphabet, and which violin strings to play. At this point, kids will closely emulate the proper finger pressure to correctly hold the bow and violin.

What is the Most Important Factor for Young Children?

Therefore, consider the issue rather than the size if you’re trying to buy a child a 1/8-sized violin. For five-year-olds between 17 and 17.5 inches tall, a 1/8-sized instrument is ideal. On the other hand, you should weigh your child because some kids at this age might not be as physically developed and might need a different size. They must be energized because if they are, they will find playing the violin and holding the bow difficult and may even complain about it.

Best 1/8 Violin

What is the Least Important Factor for Young Children?

Most fragmented violins for children are built by different students using everyday materials. You’ll experiment with horsehair bows, soft, dark strings, and tidy fabrics for the basing made of maple. It needs to be more than just paying for the most expensive violin. Even the finest violins cannot make up for the lack of virtuosity. At this stage, the violin is unique in that it can accommodate its size.

Best 1/8 Violin

⅛ Violins that Work Well and Which to Avoid

The Stenter Student 1/8 Violin offers beginners an ideal introduction to violin playing with a spruce top, maple back and sides, and rosewood fingerboard. The Mendini MV-200+ is another excellent option for students with a solid build, including a maple neck, back, sides, and all the accessories needed to start playing the violin.

The first of these is the Chinese-made student violin. These violins often have poor construction, with many parts being made of inferior quality materials that leave them sounding tinny and lacking in tone. Furthermore, their strings tend to break easily, and their bows can easily warp or break after only a few uses.

Another instrument to avoid is the Korean-made student violin. While they may look like more professional models, but often need more construction quality and sound. These instruments need more resonance and clarity because they use cheaper woods that dampen soundwaves rather than amplifying them as higher-quality instruments would do.

String Type:

The violin’s 1/8-size strings are crucial because they produce its sweet sound and pitch. Finding the correct series can take time and effort, regardless of skill level. It’s critical to comprehend the types of lines available for violins in size 1/8 and how they affect your playing.

These instruments use hybrid steel core/aluminum wound strings, gut core/steel wrap, and steel core/synthetic core strings. While gut core/steel wrap strings produce a warmer sound with more depth and volume, steel core/synthetic core strings offer a bright tone with good articulation and projection. Hybrids with a synthetic core and aluminum winding provide good points and warm tones.


A professional will alter the violin shape or remain unchanged depending on the bridge’s age and design. Some schools and music stores allow beginners or one-eight size violins for children to encourage early violin learning. If the bridge is too high, your child might need help pushing the strings on their fingerboard, and if it’s shaped properly, they won’t be able to cross their lines easily.

Best 1/8 Violin

Chin Rest::

The chin rest must have the same shape and placement as the bridge for your child to play the violin without experiencing any pain. It must be positioned to align the neck beneath the chin properly. Your child’s line of sight should remain straight as they play the violin, so a good chin rest should be comfortable under their chin.

Young children frequently find chin rests made of material with a high dovetail ridge uncomfortable, but you can usually purchase an extra chin rest and swap out the one that the child does not like on their 1/8-size violin.

Shoulder Rest:

The shoulder rest should make playing a 1/8-size violin more ergonomic. The shoulder rest must be substantial and highly soft, even though you shouldn’t want any tension while playing the violin. Additionally, You could use a more cozy shoulder rest instead of the one that comes with violins of the 1/8 size.

Sound Quality:

Since the new best 1/8 violins are in demand, you should be ready for potential discomfort. You will need to exercise a lot of patience because, even before you start playing, your young child won’t practice the instrument as frequently as an experienced or professional musician. Sometimes it’s even smarter to wear earplugs to cover your ears.

Best 1/8 Violin

1/8th Violin Recommendations:

The best 8th violins on the market have been chosen after considering sound, playability, cost, and durability. Our top picks cover a wide range of price points, from entry-level choices for beginners to professional-grade instruments that may be more appropriate for advanced players. All of our recommendations are warranted to be economical and well-made.

We have selected several 8th violins, ranging from student models to professional-level violins, to help you find your ideal instrument at any level or price.

Top Pick:

My top pick is from Fiddlershop, a place where musicians can find affordable handmade violins. An excellent price for an acoustic violin from Fiddlershop’s Tower Strings Entertainer line of cheap instruments is available.

This hand-crafted violin is older than its well-used, elaborately carved spruce and maple tonewoods. A violin set up and ready to play is ready to receive its case, Brazilian bow, rosin, shoulder rest, practice mute, and tuner. It also features Asian detailing on the bridge, Prelude strings, 100 ebony fittings, and the fingerboard. Given its fine craftsmanship and appealing tone, the violin will also be a favourite among your teacher’s students.


  • Perfect for a family with several children who will alternate between this size
  • High quality for the instrument’s size
  • Excellent resale value
  • Includes every piece of equipment required to get going


  • More costly than alternative options

Budget Pick:

The Cremona SV75 is a fantastic option for musicians on a tight budget who want to upgrade their gear. This full-size, hand-carved violin outfit has an excellent tone and is very playable for a low cost. The Cremona SV75 produces a rich sound that will enhance performance because it is made from high-quality tonewoods.

Best 1/8 Violin

The instrument has a nitrocellulose finish and a high-quality ebony fingerboard with nickel-silver frets, giving it a unique appearance. D’Addario Prelude strings string the violin for the best tuning stability and projection. Brazilwood construction and fully lined lapping give the included smooth bow control over bowing dynamics. The Cremona SV75 will meet your needs for a premium playing experience without breaking the bank.


  • Made from tonewoods of high quality
  • From a renowned producer of violins and their components
  • Tailpiece in the Wittner style


  • It only contains the most fundamental accessories

Step Up in Quality :

One of the most well-known manufacturers of high-quality string instruments is DZ Strad. The exceptional violins and cellos made by this family-run business are used by professional musicians worldwide.

DZ Strad’s dedication to producing instruments with exceptional sound quality and aesthetic beauty is the key to its success. To ensure that each device they have lived up to its high standards, every component is painstakingly crafted and scrutinized. Their artisans use only the finest materials, such as European maple wood and South American spruce wood.


  • An excellent violin that will impress the teacher of your students
  • Actual luthiers, not factory workers, set it up.
  • Able to play without a case
  • Superior accessories


  • A little pricey for a small device that is about to be upgraded

Full Outfit and More:

The Bunnel Pupil is a reasonably priced, well-liked beginner violin model with great features. Your set has enough equipment to let you hone your skills until you move up in size because it was constructed from high-quality tonewood and combined with high-quality tools.

Best 1/8 Violin

You will receive a violin with 100 ebony fittings, a Guiliani Brazilwood bow, Prelude strings, a roomy case, a shoulder rest, a polishing cloth, and high-quality timber woods. Thanks to its functionality as a high-quality instrument that should last a long time, as well as its durable components and fine ebony fittings, this is a fantastic choice for homes with multiple small players who’ll use through an eighth violin.


  • A complete wardrobe and additional accessories
  • Excellent student strings
  • Tailpiece in the Wittner style
  • A bow of good quality that ought to last for the duration of the instruments used
  • A sizable case with a pocket for the shoulder
  • Set up in us in their west coast workshop


  • Costly for an instrument that won’t be played very often unless there are multiple players


The search for the best 1/8 violin can take time and effort. But finding an instrument that meets your needs and budget with the proper research and advice is possible. There is a perfect 1/8 violin for everyone, regardless of musical ability. Before making any purchases, take your time and compare various brands, wood types, sizes, and models.


What is the best 1/8 violin for a student?

The Mendini MV300 Violin Outfit is an excellent choice for beginners. This reasonably priced instrument includes a bow, rosin, an adjustable shoulder rest, extra strings, and everything you need to get started. It also has a solid spruce top, maple back, and sides for superior sound quality.

What is the 1/8 violin for a professional player?

The 1/8 size violin is an excellent choice for any professional looking to take their playing to the next level.


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