How Often Do I Need To Attend AA Meetings

How Often Do I Need To Attend AA Meetings?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings can help you recover from alcohol use disorder and achieve your long-term sobriety goals. Attending AA meetings is voluntary but may be mandatory if you reside in a sober living facility. AA meetings are available across the country.

A simple search for AA meetings near me can reveal the closest sessions in your neighborhood. How often you attend AA meetings depends on your needs and objectives.

Attending Mandatory AA Meetings

AA meetings are voluntary to join for the most part, so no one will force you to attend a meeting. Anyone can become an AA member, and no limits are imposed on how many sessions you can join.

Mandatory AA meetings are sometimes required of patients who move into a sober living house after leaving a rehab center following addiction treatment.

A sober living facility may have mandatory AA meetings as part of the house rules, so every recovering resident must attend. The house may require everyone in the residency to attend one, two, or more weekly AA meetings. Mandatory meetings only apply to the sober living facility and will cease once you move to your own living spaces.

Attending AA Meetings Casually

Becoming a casual AA member involves attending meetings whenever you need one. This can be once in a while, such as once every week, month, or less frequently than that.

Casual members may not prioritize AA meetings or make attendance schedules. You can search for AA meetings near me online to find the closest session whenever you need one.

Casual members often look for meetings during specific times, like after a stressful or traumatic day. They may also consider attending when on the verge of a relapse or after a recent relapse.

Casual attendance isn’t bad, but it can set you back in your recovery if you’re newly sober. The schedule may work for people who’re further in their sobriety journey and have learned to manage triggers.

Attending AA Meetings Regularly

AA meetings are organized regularly to give everyone a chance to find help when they need it. Becoming a regular member has many benefits, especially for newly sober patients. Regular attendance can be daily, once or twice a week, or monthly. The schedule you choose depends on your unique recovery plan. AA meetings are available online and in person.

No rule exists on how often you must attend the meetings since addiction recovery needs vary from person to person. Speak to your AA sponsor or treatment professional to determine a practical attendance schedule. Consider your recovery progress and other obligations like school, work, and family responsibilities.

Attending AA Meetings Forever

AA meetings are designed to employ people to achieve long-term sobriety and personal goals. Some people continue to attend meetings throughout their lifetimes. Those fresh from severe alcohol addiction can attend regular meetings for the first couple of years to surround themselves with sober peers. The goal is to prevent relapsing.

Monthly meetings can make more sense if you’ve been sober for several years or have a busy schedule. AA meetings keep you connected to the recovery community, so you can find help whenever you face a hard time. Long-term membership also gives you a chance to inspire newly sober people. Members can increase or reduce the frequency of attendance at any time.

Attending AA Meetings Near Me

AA meetings are open to everyone at any point in their sobriety journey. Whether you’re several years sober, fresh from a rehab facility, or just quit drinking, the community will welcome you. Find the closest meetings near you to start or continue your sobriety journey. Search for AA meetings online to find local hubs for in-person attendance. Consider online sessions if you can’t attend in person. You can also ask the addiction treatment center to recommend the best programs and recovery communities.