Review of Timeshare Compliance BBB in 2023

Review of Timeshare Compliance BBB in 2023

Are you stuck with your timeshare problem? Are you looking for some genuine timeshare exit companies? If yes, then you are scrolling through the best guide to eliminate this problem. Timeshare Compliance BBB is the best timeshare cancellation company to help you exit your timeshare exit. 

So, if you want a comeback to your everyday life without any stress, you can simply hire a legitimate timeshare cancellation company to exit the timeshare contract. This post will give you a good insight into the review of the timeshare termination company.

Who is Timeshare Compliance BBB?

Timeshare Compliance is one of the top timeshare cancellation companies that can help you exit your timeshare liabilities. It’s not a law firm but claims itself to be an Advocacy Group that prioritizes timeshare owners who were misled and mispresented during the timeshare purchase. The company has been working in the timeshare industry since 2012 and is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California.

How does the timeshare exit company work?

The company uses legal means to free its clients from the timeshare responsibilities completely. Every exit case is assigned to a team of professionals, such as a client specialist, a coordinator, a case representative, and a case analyst. These experts follow the three-step exit procedure to resolve the case, including- investigation, advocating, and resolution. 

Investigation– The first step of timeshare exit is the investigation, and a client specialist will get all the details about the timeshare agreement. Then, they will create a case file based on the timeshare information you gave them and pass it to the analyst for review. 

Advocating– The second step of the exit procedure is advocating. The analyst will send a service agreement, and you could request credit monitoring and restoration. The company will also require you to remit the quoted processing fees. After this, the company forwards the file and documents to the case representative, who’ll do an internal evaluation. 

Resolution– Lastly, the resolution step is where the attorney handles and eliminates the case. After the elimination, you’ll get a notification letter from the company. It’s the time when you are entirely free from the timeshare liabilities. 

Benefits of Timeshare Compliance

Timeshare Compliance has many outstanding features, including an escrow payment option, excellent customer service, A+ accredited with BBB, work with attorneys, and Spanish speakers, an impressive online presence, and many more. 

Here are some significant benefits of Timeshare Compliance BBB:

Escrow option- The Company offers its clients an escrow payment option to maintain trust between them and the company. The escrow payment option defines the company will get paid once it eliminates the timeshare agreement. Exiting the timeshare with the escrow payment option provides money security and trust between the companies. 

Legal attorneys- The Company is not a legal firm but uses attorneys in the timeshare exit process, which requires court proceedings. It claims to be an advocacy group and helped more than 50,000 timeshare owners successfully eliminate the timeshare contract.

Online presence- The Company has a fabulous online presence on social media and third-party sites. You can check the reviews on Yelp, Trust pilot, Facebook, and Better Business Bureau. In addition, the reviews of one of the top timeshare cancellation companies are very impressive.


In conclusion, Timeshare Compliance BBB is one of California’s top timeshare cancellation companies. The company has many impressive online ratings and reviews. Moreover, it offers many benefits to the customers, including customer service, A+ accredited with BBB, work with attorneys, Spanish speakers, and etcetera.

Hopefully, this post helps you decide whether Timeshare Compliance BBB suits your timeshare exit. Good luck!