Cecilio CCO 500 Review

Cecilio CCO 500 Review and Guide

Welcome to the Cecilio CCO 500 Review and Guide. In this article, we’ll look in-depth at the features and benefits of this famous cello from Cecilio Musical Instruments. As one of their most highly rated products, we’ll explore what makes the CCO 500 stand out.

We’ll also provide you with our honest opinion on its performance and value, offering comprehensive advice on what you should consider when buying a violin.

What is the Cecilio CCO-500?

The Cecilio CCO-500 is one of the higher-end cellos offered by the affordable brand. It is a step up from their entry-level models and features more than many other models in their line. The CCO-500 comes second to the 600 model, which makes it an ideal choice for those who want to experience intermediate-level playing without spending too much money.

This instrument can be used for various purposes, including learning how to play the cello, returning to play after taking a break, or even as a backup model. The sound quality and craftsmanship are surprisingly good, considering its price range.

However, I would recommend something other than this instrument for severe students as there may be better options. Nevertheless, it serves its purpose well and provides excellent value for money compared with other devices within its price range.

How does It play?

It offers a good amount of control and response to explore the world of cello playing. The adjustable strings allow players to find that spot between being too tight or too loose, making it easier to start studying immediately. As you progress as a musician and want more, the instrument’s limitations don’t provide the same flexibility as more advanced models.

Despite this, many beginners and casual cellists have enjoyed the sound of their Cecilio CCO-500 for years! Its affordability and comfort make it a perfect starter instrument for anyone wanting to learn how to play the cello properly. Before deciding that the agency isn’t for you, try it. Who knows, it may become your new companion.


Cecilio CCO 500 Review

The model features a spruce top and maple back, two maple sides, and a neck of the same material. Ebony provides the fingerboard and other fittings, giving this cello a classic combination of materials designed to make it play beautifully.

To add appeal, the wood is covered in a high-lustre varnish, making the cello look as good as it sounds. Fine tuners on each side of the bridge can also help keep the strings in tune, while pegs at the top of the instrument can also be adjusted when needed.

This cello model comes in three, four, and four sizes, so it works for kids and adults alike. However, acquiring a different cello model may be necessary if you are suited to a young toddler who wants to play the instrument.

Included Accessories

This model includes all the essential items to start playing the cello. Alongside the instrument’s body, the package includes a Brazilwood bow with unbleached Mongolian horsehair – ideal for producing a good sound when playing bowed music.

Also included in this set is rosin, an extra set of strings, a cello stand, and both hard and soft cases with wheels for easy transport. With this collection of accessories, aspiring musicians can start mastering their skills on their new instrument as soon as they open up the case.


  • Reasonable
  • Great materials
  • Decent sound
  • Accompanies embellishments
  • Simple to play


  • Not so much for experts.
  • A portion of the frill is modest.

How does It compare to Other Cecilio Cellos?

Cecilio CCO 500 Review

Shopping for a cello can feel overwhelming, with so many options available. But if you’re looking at Cecilio models, there are six to choose from – ranging from the CCO-100 to the CCO-600. The CCO-500 is a popular choice amongst those starting to learn the cello, and it has better materials than its lower-numbered counterparts. So how does this model compare to other Cecilio cellos?

The CCO-500 offers a slightly higher grade of spruce and maple, making it more durable than some of the cheaper models, like the CCO-100 or 200. This not only increases its longevity but provides better sound quality too. It also comes with an improved bridge which helps keep strings in tune and makes it easier for beginners as they start on their musical journey.

Where to Buy the Cecilio CCO-500?

Are you thinking of buying the Cecilio CCO-500 cello? If so, I’d highly recommend looking for it on Amazon. Not only does Amazon make it easy to purchase an instrument and have it shipped directly to your door, but you can also find new versions of the CCO-500 here. It’s also worth noting that while sites like eBay or Reverb may have listings for the Cecilio cello, many of these are used models.

As the CCO-500 is already quite reasonably priced among cellos, opting for a secondhand version is unnecessary when a new one can be found on Amazon. The convenience and selection offered by Amazon make this platform an ideal destination when searching for a Cecilio CCO-500 cello.

Things to Know Before You Buy – Cecilio CCO 500 Review

While knowing where to purchase a Cecilio cello is critical, you should consider several things. Then, you can ensure that the model will function admirably for you. The more you know somewhat early, the simpler it will be to avoid the purchaser’s regret. I can’t ensure that realizing these things will assist you with finding an instrument you like.

Notwithstanding, you ought to, in any case, consider the accompanying things to ensure a Cecilio cello is a decent decision.

Cecilio’s Reputation

Most people know Cecilio as a budget-friendly music instrument brand, but professional musicians may have a different opinion. They probably won’t have great things to say if you ask them about Cecilio’s instruments. The company tends to cut corners during manufacturing to make its instruments more affordable for customers. While this results in lower prices for customers, it also means that the quality of these instruments is not up to par with other brands on the market.

The CCO-500 cello from Cecilio is often associated with negative reviews from professionals and experienced players. While it does come at an attractive price point, many users claim that its sound quality and playability are not up to standard compared with more expensive models on the market.

Size Options:

When purchasing a cello, size is an essential factor that can make a huge difference. The CCO-500 cello model offers more options than others, but you are limited to 3/4 or 4/4 sizes. This should be sufficient for adult or teenage learners, but if you have a younger child who wants to learn the cello, they may find the 3/4 size too big.

For younger children and even toddlers, it’s advisable to look into “fractional” sized instruments such as 1/8th or 1/10th cellos, which are proportionally smaller than their full-sized counterparts and easier for young learners to use. These fractional sizes suit children perfectly and allow them to start learning earlier with less strain on their arms and back.

Your Playing:

If you’re considering buying a cello, you should first evaluate your playing and skills on the instrument. Everyone starts somewhere, so if you’re beginning your journey as a cellist, an affordable option like the CCO-500 may be ideal. It has everything a beginner needs to learn how to play. However, it shouldn’t be considered an upgrade option for any more experienced player.

Once you’ve been playing for a while and are sure that this is something that you want to continue doing in the long run, then it can make sense to invest in something of higher quality. You need something that will last and make sure that your practice pays off – it doesn’t have to break the bank, but spending time researching is worth it when making this kind of purchase.

Your Plans:

If you’re looking for a cello, your plans will determine which instrument is right for you. The CCO-500 is an excellent option if you play alone at home or in a small group setting. It’s also an ideal choice if you are starting and don’t have much experience with the instrument yet.

However, suppose your goal is to become a professional musician or attend college for music. In that case, this model isn’t recommended as it does not offer the same quality of sound or playing experience as more advanced models.

When considering how to play the CCO-500 specifically, it can be helpful to consider what environment you will be playing in and who might be listening (if anyone). If you enjoy playing alone, this model could work well.

Consider Others’ Opinions:

Cecilio CCO 500 Review

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to care what others think of your cello. The instrument should bring you joy and fulfil your musical needs, so it’s perfectly okay if it doesn’t meet anyone else’s standards. That being said, considering opinions from more advanced musicians can be beneficial, especially if you’re new to playing.

A cello teacher or section member can offer valuable insight when choosing the suitable model for your playing level and style. They may even demonstrate a Cecilio cello and show you how it could keep you from playing your best. A professional opinion will help ensure that the instrument suits your needs and any technical requirements for competitions or performances.

If You Don’t Like It:

When purchasing a new instrument, it is essential to consider if you can return it if it does not meet your expectations. Fortunately, Amazon offers a generous return policy, so shoppers have peace of mind when purchasing items like the CCO-500 cello. Customers unsatisfied with their item within 30 days of receiving it can easily send it back for a refund. This allows buyers to use their money to find another version of the cello that may suit them and their playing level.

Before making any purchase decision, buyers should take their time and test the instrument thoroughly. Even if the CCO-500 seems like the perfect match at first glance, take one or two weeks before committing to buying it so you can get accustomed to how it feels and plays in your hands.

If the Cello Breaks:

If the cello breaks, it can be a devastating experience for both beginner and experienced musicians. Cellos are delicate instruments that require careful handling when moving or transporting. Unfortunately, even with the best care, accidents can still happen,, so Cecilio offers a one-year warranty on their CCO-500 model.

This warranty includes protection against manufacturing defects but not accidental damage, such as dropping the cello or having someone else knock it over while you’re putting it on its stand. It’s important to remember that this warranty only applies if you buy a brand-new instrument from an authorized dealer and won’t cover any damage caused by improper handling or maintenance of your cello.

Other Cellos to Try:

You might attempt the Cecilio CCO-500 and track down it’s the best cello for you. Nonetheless, you could check it out and understand that you could do it without how it feels or that you need a more extravagant tone. Before you choose your next cello, look at a couple of choices. Like that, you’ll free yourself up to additional models that address your issues better.

The following is a list of cellos like the Cecilio CCO-500 and merit attempts.

Cecilio CCO-600:

Cecilio CCO 500 Review

Cecilio CCO-600 is a student-friendly clarinet designed to provide an optimal playing experience. This instrument is made from the best materials and provides quality sound at an affordable price. It is ideal for beginner and intermediate players looking to learn the basics of playing the clarinet and more advanced players wanting to perfect their craft.


The Cecilio CCO-600 is a cello model manufactured by Cecilio, a company specializing in string instruments. Here are some of the features of the Cecilio CCO-600:

  • Material: The Cecilio CCO-600 cello is made of high-quality materials contributing to its sound and durability. The top of the cello is made of hand-carved solid spruce wood, a common and popular choice for cello tops due to its ability to produce a bright and responsive tone. The cello’s back, sides, and neck are solid maple wood, a common string instrument choice.
    Maple wood is known for its durability and ability to produce a warm, focused tone. The fingerboard and pegs of the cello are made of ebony wood, a dense hardwood that can withstand play wear and tear. Ebony wood is also known for its smooth texture, which allows for comfortable and easy playing.
  • Size: It is available in the standard full size of 4/4, the most common size for adult players. The 4/4 size is designed for players with an arm length of at least 25.5 inches (65 cm) and a body height of around 5’8″ (173 cm) or taller.
  • Sound: The Cecilio CCO-600 cello is known for its rich and warm sound. This is due to the high-quality materials used in its construction, including the solid spruce top and solid maple back, sides, and neck. The solid spruce top is hand-carved, allowing for optimal vibration and resonance of the instrument, which results in a bright and responsive tone. The solid maple back, sides, and neck also contribute significantly to the cello’s sound quality, providing a warm and focused manner.
  • Strings: The Cecilio CCO-600 cello comes with a set of Prelude strings, which D’Addario, a well-known and reputable brand in the music industry, makes. Prelude strings are designed to provide a balanced and warm tone, making them popular for beginner and intermediate-level players. These strings are made from a solid steel core with nickel winding, which helps to produce a clear and resonant sound.
  • Accessories: The Cecilio CCO-600 cello has various accessories to help players get started with their instrument. Some accessories included a lightweight hard case, a high-quality Brazilwood bow, A rosin cake, and an adjustable cello stand.
  • Tuning: The Cecilio CCO-600 cello features a set of four built-in fine tuners on the tailpiece, which makes tuning the instrument much easier and more convenient compared to cells that don’t have fine tuners.
  • Bridge: It has a maple bridge, a critical component in transmitting the sound from the strings to the cello’s body. The bridge is positioned between the sound holes on the cello’s belly and is held in place by the tension of the strings.

The Cecilio CCO-600 is a well-designed cello with high-quality materials, good sound quality, and practical accessories, making it an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate players.


  • It is a full-size cello with a traditional look and feels.
  • The spruce top, maple back, and sides provide excellent sound quality.
  • The CCO-600 has an adjustable bridge, allowing players to adjust the height and angle of the strings for better playability.
  • It also has an ebony fingerboard, making it more wear and tear-resistant over time.


  • It needs frequent tuning due to its unbalanced strings and the low stability of the tuning pegs.

D’Luca Meister:

Cecilio CCO 500 Review

The D’Luca Meister is an affordable cello that provides a high-quality instrument for intermediate-level players. The cello is crafted from select tonewoods, including a spruce top, maple back, and maple sides. These tonewoods are chosen for their acoustic properties, contributing to the cello’s overall sound quality and resonance.


Here are some features of the D’Luca Meister Handmade Ebony Fitted Cello 4/4:

  • They are handcrafted using select tonewoods, including a spruce top and maple back, sides, and neck. These tonewoods are chosen for their acoustic properties, contributing to the cello’s overall sound quality and resonance.
  • Ebony fingerboard, pegs, and tailpiece are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear and contribute to the cello’s warm and resonant tone.
  • Inlaid purfling strengthens the instrument’s construction and gives it a distinctive appearance.
  • It comes with a padded carrying bag, Brazilwood bow, and rosin, making it a complete package for intermediate-level players.
  • 4/4 full-size cello, suitable for adult players and advanced-level students.
  • Strung with quality steel strings for a bright and responsive sound.
  • Adjustable endpin for comfortable playing posture.
  • Specially selected bridge and soundpost for optimal sound projection and tone.
  • Varnished with a beautiful matte finish for a classic and elegant look.

Overall, the D’Luca Meister Handmade Ebony Fitted Cello 4/4 is a well-crafted instrument that provides an excellent playing experience for intermediate-level cellists. Its combination of quality tonewoods, durable fittings, and adjustable features make it a versatile and reliable option for players looking to progress in their cello playing.


  • Affordable
  • Good materials
  • Hand-carved woods
  • It feels and sounds nice
  • It comes with a bow


  • It doesn’t have a ton of accessories
  • Only in full size

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Cremona SC-130:

The Cremona SC-130 Cello is a high-quality cello produced by the Cremona company. Cremona is a well-known brand that has been producing stringed instruments since the 1980s and is highly regarded by students and professionals in the music industry.


Some of the key features of the Cremona SC-130 Cello include:

  • Hand-carved tonewoods: The cello is crafted from select tonewoods, including solid spruce for the top and maple for the back, sides, and neck. These tonewoods are carefully selected and hand-carved to produce a beautiful, resonant sound.
  • Ebony fingerboard and fittings: The fingerboard and fittings of the cello are made from ebony, a high-quality hardwood known for its durability and resonance. This helps to produce a rich, warm tone and ensures that the cello is built to last.
  • Antique brown finish: The SC-130 features a beautiful antique brown finish, giving it a traditional, classic look that will impress.
  • Lightweight tailpiece: The cello is designed with a light, durable tailpiece that helps to improve its overall sound and playability.
  • J. LaSalle LB-13 bow: The SC-130 comes with a quality J. LaSalle LB-13 bow, which is well-balanced and easy to handle. This makes it an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate players alike.
  • Outstanding sound: The Cremona SC-130 Cello produces a rich, warm, clear, and powerful tone. This makes it an excellent choice for various musical styles and settings.

Ultimately, Cremona SC-130 Cello is an excellent instrument with an outstanding balance of quality, affordability, and performance. Whether you’re just starting on the cello or an experienced player, it’s definitely worth considering as a potential option.


  • Reasonable
  • Keeps music training guidelines
  • Lightweight
  • Adjusted bow
  • Sounds perfect


  • You might require an alternate scaffold
  • Not so much for experts

Final Thoughts About Cecilio CCO 500 Review

As in Cecilio CCO 500 reviews, it is an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate-level players. It is lighter than other cellos, making manoeuvring easier during practice and performance. It comes with the accessories you need to start playing, and its spruce top provides good sound quality.

The reasonable price point makes this an attractive option for anyone looking for an affordable yet reliable instrument. The Cecilio CCO 500 is worth considering if you are in the market for a new cello.


Is the Cecilio CCO-500 a Good Backup Cello?

The Cecilio CCO-500 is an excellent option for a backup cello. It has a solid spruce top and maple back and sides, making it durable and capable of producing sound. The ebony fingerboard also adds to its playability, offering smooth transitions between notes. It included accessories – such as the lightweight carrying bag, rosin cake, bridge, and strings – making this an ideal choice for an inexpensive yet reliable instrument.

How Can You Improve the Cecilio CCO-600?

If you want to capitalize on the Cecilio CCO-600, I’d suggest attempting several things. To begin with, get a few strings from a brand like Larsen or D’Addario because the series might endure longer.
You ought to likewise consider getting rosin from an alternate brand along with an alternate bow. Those things can cooperate to assist you with obtaining a superior sound.