Orange Micro Dark Review

Orange Micro Dark Review – Is It Micro Terror’s Evil Twin?

Are you searching for an amplifier head to give you a new sound? Are you looking for something small and powerful? If so, then the Orange Micro Dark review is just what you need. This amp head packs 20 Watts of pure evil into a tiny package, making it perfect for studio and stage use. With a single-watt output and 8 ohms speaker impedance rating, this mini amplifier can easily power anything from 4-12 inch speaker cabinets.

With its impressive features and powerful sound, it’s no wonder why this little beast has become one of the most talked-about amps on the market. The Orange Micro Dark amplifier is a revolutionary technology designed to provide excellent sound quality and performance at an affordable price. If you are looking for an amp that can take you to the dark side and back with a twist of a knob, then this is the one for you.

What is the Orange Micro Dark?

The Orange Micro Dark is an innovative hybrid low-powered amplifier head that combines a tube preamp with a solid-state amp. Its hybrid design allows for increased versatility, enabling musicians to shape their sound in ways never before possible. This amplifier head offers players various tones and textures, from warm cleans to rich overdrive sounds. It is a relatively new amplifier, released in 2018. It is referred to as a “micro amp” or a “lunch amp,” This name comes from its small size, lightweight, and limited power output.

Due to its reduced size and portability, this 20-watt amplifier is designed for personal practice sessions or for playing on the go. The amplifier is quickly becoming a popular choice among guitarists and other musicians. This small but powerful amp offers excellent sound quality in a lightweight and portable package. Innovative and compact guitar amplifier designed to optimize the sound without taking up too much space. With its diminutive size, this amp can fit any practice or small-venue setup, allowing you to bring your music everywhere.

However, this amplifier is unique because it must be connected to an external speaker source or headphones to work correctly. The Orange Micro Dark is a 20-watt hybrid tube combo guitar amplifier designed to bring together the best of both worlds – vintage tone and modern technology. It features two channels, Clean and Dark, each with distinct tonal characteristics. The Clean channel offers warm tones for clean playing styles, while the Dark channel provides a wide range of distortion options.
Moreover, it can deliver scooped mids to satisfy even the most discerning dropped-D or 7-string players.

Who is the Micro Dark for?

The Orange Micro Dark is an ideal amplifier for a low-cost, low-power solution that delivers excellent sound in a modern rock environment. The amp packs 20 watts of classic Orange tone into its small form factor and is equipped with two channels – dirty and clean – allowing users to easily switch between tones without using more than one pedal. It also includes an effects loop, perfect for players who want to incorporate pedals or other external devices into their rig.

The Micro Dark from Orange Amplification is a perfect amplifier for guitarists exploring the more aggressive side of music. This amp delivers rich, high-gain sounds that can take you from smooth jazz tones to heavy metal riffs in no time. The Orange Micro Dark is the perfect amp for those needing more gain than the famous Orange Micro Terror head can deliver.

Orange Micro Dark Review

The Micro Dark is the perfect amplifier for any guitarist who wants to get started in the metal genre. It offers plenty of gain and volume at a minimal cost. You can easily create an incredible sound for your metal playing with a few minor additions, such as a speaker cabinet and pedals. The Micro Dark 20-watt head is the perfect amplifier for practice and intimate venues. The Micro Dark by Orange Amplifiers is an ideal piece of equipment for musicians looking to play larger gigs or outdoors without lugging around a large amp.

This tiny yet versatile and powerful amplifier offers a variety of options for playing in any venue. The Micro Dark from Tech 21 is the perfect solution for those who must contend with a grumpy neighbor or play our guitar in their bedroom. With its cabinet-simulated headphone jack, we can rock our world without disturbing anyone else!

How the Orange Micro Dark amp Works:

The Orange Micro Terror Amp has an innovative hybrid design that combines the warmth of a 12AX7 (ECC83) tube preamp with the power of a solid-state amp. This combination creates an incredibly versatile amplifier capable of producing various musical tones. This amp offers a wide range of gain settings, from clean and warm overdrives to higher-gain metal tones. The unique design of this amp helps create notes that sustain and distort musically when picked, giving the player a full spectrum of sound options.

To use the amp, plug an 8 or 16 Ohm speaker cabinet into the speaker out jack on the back, or tap in with headphones from the front. Three different preamp voices – classic British clean, modern high-gain distortion, and overdrive – allow you to customize your sound according to your preferences. The PPC108Blk cabinet with its 8-inch speaker looks wicked with the amp sitting atop it. The cabinet’s combination of wood grain, black tolex, and signature orange piping creates a stylish look with heads turning.

Orange Micro Dark Review

The Micro Dark packs a big punch but needs the auxiliary input jack found on the Micro Terror Amp. But don’t worry – it has something even better! With its unique buffered effects loop, this amp allows players to add reverb, delay, and modulation pedals to their sound without sacrificing quality.

Does the Orange Micro Dark Need a Cabinet?

This amp is highly versatile and can produce an array of sounds. But with all-tube amps, connecting it to a speaker load of the proper impedance is always critical to get the best sound out of your amp. If the wrong impedance is used, this can cause damage and distortion to your sound. However, hybrid amps are less susceptible to this issue because they use both tube technology and solid-state components that work together.

When considering adding a speaker cabinet to the Orange Micro Dark amplifier, it is essential to know that terminals labeled as Speaker Outputs must be connected to a speaker cabinet of the designated load rating using an un-shielded two-conductor cable. It is recommended to power up the amp with a speaker cabinet only if you have a set of headphones plugged into the headphone jack. It will ensure that your amplifier is not damaged and provides a better listening experience.

According to the manual, the Micro Dark’s speaker output is bypassed when the headphone jack is used. This means that this amplifier will produce no sound without a cabinet attached. However, run it through a speaker cabinet to hear what this amp can do. A good 4 12 cabinet can turn the Micro Dark into a fire-breathing monster that will give your sound an extra dimension of power and presence.

With a cabinet, your amp will be able to put out its full potential, and you won’t get the same level of sound quality that you could with one. A cabinet helps amplify your signal and gives it more presence in a room, so if you’re looking for maximum performance from your amp, investing in a cabinet is a must.

Hearing is Believing:

Hearing is believing, and Orange Amplification knows that better than anyone. The British-based company has just released a video to demonstrate the versatility of the Micro Dark amp and how it sounds when played through a 1 8″ and 4 12″ cabinet. The video features an engineer playing the guitar while switching between the two cabinets to show off the unique sound quality of each one.

Features and Benefits:

The Orange Dark Terror is a tube-driven amplifier designed to bring their higher-end products’ same features and benefits to a more affordable price point. One feature the Micro Terror amp does not have was left out in the upgrade process was the auxiliary jack for jamming MP3s – something many users had grown to rely on in their practice or performance. The Shape control functions by primarily varying the amount of midrange. It is a powerful tool in any sound engineer’s arsenal and can create unique and exciting sounds.

With its unique features and benefits, the Micro Dark helps guitarists create tones tailored to their playing style. One of these features is the Tone Shift knob which allows players to adjust the tonal characteristics of their sound. Turning it clockwise can attenuate the mids and emphasize the highs, while counter-clockwise boosts the mids and emphasizes the lows. To keep the amp’s casing size as small as possible, Orange put the step-down transformer and DC rectifier in an external power adaptor so you don’t have to sacrifice sound quality for portability.

This feature makes the Micro Dark one of the most versatile and portable amplifiers on the market, with plenty of features and benefits. Using the PPC108 8-inch speaker cabinet allows you to stick with the smaller is a better concept. The PPC108 was designed for players who want a great-sounding speaker in a tiny package. If you are looking for a way to get an even bigger sound out of your amplifier, then the Orange Micro Dark amp is just what you need.

This powerful 20-watt head has two channels with separate volumes and gains controls, allowing you to achieve the desired tone. As if that weren’t enough, connecting it to a 4 x 12 cabinet will give your sound much more power and presence. Some other features are:

  • The Orange Micro Dark is a guitar amplifier with a buffered effects loop, making it an ideal choice for musicians who want to maximize the sound of their instrument.
  • CABSIM headphone output from Orange Micro Dark is designed to offer superior sound quality that makes you feel like you’re in the studio.
  • High Tensile Steel Casing, one of the most popular guitar cases today, is known for its durability and gig-worthy features.
  • This amp offers features and benefits that make it stand out from other models in its class. It can drive any size speaker cabinet, 8 or 16 Ohms, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues.
  • The features of this combination make it an ideal option for those who want to save their backs from lugging around heavy equipment.

What is the Orange Amplifiers Micro Series amp bag?

The Orange Amplifiers Micro Series Amp Bag is designed to hold and protect the Micro Dark amp. The amp bag is made from a durable, water-resistant fabric and features an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. This bag protects your amplifier and accessories while traveling and features durable construction that ensures it will last. Amp Bag is an excellent choice. This bag is made of durable materials and features various pockets and compartments to store all your equipment safely.

Orange Micro Dark Review

What I Like About the Orange Micro Dark amp:

The Orange Micro Dark Amp is an excellent amp for musicians on a budget. It has a buffered effects loop, missing many other amps in its price range. They’re versatile and handle pedals well on the front end, like your overdrive and distortion box. The CABSIM headphone output. It emulates the sound of a mic-ed Orange 4 12 cabinet loaded with Orange s flagship Voice of the World speakers. I like this because it gives me a better sense of the speaker’s output.

I like the Orange Micro Dark Amp. It adds an element of realism to your headphone experience. For example, when listening to music on my laptop, the sound is much more immersive and realistic than with regular headphones. The Orange Micro Dark Amp is perfect for those who want to walk on the dark side. It features a black, orange, and white front panel that resembles Orange amps meets Halloween.

When I first heard the Orange Micro Dark Amp, its sound immediately drew me in. The growl and bite from the strings catch every subtle fingering and picking dynamics. Harmonics explode off the strings, especially in the h key, which gives the amp a vibrant sound. The Orange Micro Dark Amp is a nifty little amp that can give you a variety of sounds, from a snarly rhythm tone to a full clean sound. The amp controls can be set to give you a bit of both tones.

If you’re in the market for an amp that will take your music to the next level, look no further than the Orange Micro Dark Amp. This tiny little powerhouse can crank the volume and gain to levels that will make your head spin, but it’s not just about how loud it gets- this amp also has impressive detail and clarity. The Orange Micro Dark Amp is a great little amp that offers so much for the price. Its compact and rugged construction design makes it a gig-worthy machine. The sound quality is fantastic, and the price is right for what you get.

What I Don’t Like About the Orange Micro Dark amp:

The Orange Micro Dark Amp is an excellent amp for practicing, but there are some features I don’t like about it. The Micro Dark doesn’t have an Auxillary Input, so you can’t jam along with MP3 songs directly through the amp. This is a downside because most people want to be able to do that when they’re practicing.  What I don’t like about the Orange Micro Dark Amp is that it requires an additional fee. This fee is decent, but keeping the feature without paying for it would have been nice.

 My complaint about the Orange Micro Dark amp is that it is noisy when you crank the gain and volume. While this may be inconvenient for some, others may find the distortion and overall sound pleasing. Guitars with humbucking pickups or noiseless single-coil pickups help when it comes to tone. I wouldn’t say I like that the Orange Micro Dark Amp has no pickup options other than humbucking.

There is only one EQ setting for adjusting the amp’s tone. It can make it challenging to get the sound you want, especially if you want to adjust the bass and treble levels. One of the major issues is that the clean sound could be more controllable. The shape knob does a good job scooping out the mids and accentuating the low-end, but it doesn’t give much control over the treble. This makes it challenging to create a straightforward or punchy tone.

If you’re in the market for an amp that can handle aggressive rock or metal sounds, the Orange Micro Dark should be on yours. The Orange Micro Dark Amp is a great little amp for indoor use but is inadequate for playing in large or outdoor spaces. If you plan to play in an arena, you must equip yourself with more extensive equipment. That said, roadies are there to make sure that everything goes smoothly. If you’re looking for a small, affordable amp for the mic through your PA system, the Orange Micro Dark is a great option.

Orange Micro Dark vs Micro Terror

The market has two leading players regarding portable amps: the Orange Micro Dark and the Orange Micro Terror. They both have several features that set them apart from other amps. This comparison will examine some key differences between these two amps.

SpecificationMicro Terror AmpMicro Dark Amp
Auxiliary InputYesNo
Control KnobsVolume, Tone, GainVolume, Shape, Gain
PreampTube (Valve) Preamp
Uses One 12AX7 (ECC83)
Has Two Gain Stages
High Gain Tube (Valve) Preamp
Uses One 12AX7 (ECC83)
Has Four Gain Stages
AmpSolid StateSolid State
Power Output20 Watts RMS20 Watts RMS
Effects LoopNoYes
Speaker OutputOne (8 Ohm Minimum)One (8 Ohm Minimum)
Headphone JackYes, but not cabinet-simulatedYes, with cabinet-simulation
Power Supply
15 Volt DC, 2 Amp
(2.1mm Center Positive)
15 Volt DC, 2 Amp
(2.1mm Center Positive)
6.5″ × 5.31″ × 3.7″
(16.5cm × 13.5cm × 9.5cm)
6.5″ × 5.31″ × 3.7″
(16.5cm × 13.5cm × 9.5cm)
1.87 Lb
(0.85 Kg)
1.72 Lb
(0.78 Kg)

Is Micro Dark Better Than Micro Terror?

Many people are curious whether the Orange Micro Dark is better than the Micro Terror. Both devices have pros and cons, but it’s difficult to say which is superior. It depends on the individual guitar player, the kind of music each guitarist plays, and which guitar is plugged into the amp. Some guitar players swear by their micro Dark guitars, while others prefer their micro terror guitars. This difference likely concerns their desired tone and how that tone is produced.

There are two main camps for portable amplifiers: those that prefer the small and light Micro Dark amplifiers and those that prefer the larger and more powerful Micro Terror amplifiers. Each amplifier has its strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately, it all comes down to individual preferences and tastes. The Micro Dark is a higher gain amp than the Micro Terror, and it can give your more of a scooped midrange sound with more accentuated bass. It can be great for creating solos or adding punch to your rhythm playing.

The Micro Dark is a small, affordable tube amp with many features found on more expensive amps. The buffered effects loop and CABSIM headphone output sound more like a real Orange amp. An amp that can cover various genres, the Micro Terror might be a better option than the Micro Dark. The Terror has a lower gain level, which means it will provide more versatility when playing different types of music. While both amps are powerful and versatile, depending on your preferences, certain songs may sound better with one over the other.

The Micro Dark might be better for a more gain-oriented distortion pedal than the Micro Terror. Both pedals offer distortion and overdrive tones, but the Micro Dark has more overall gain. This means you can get more aggressive sounds out of it if needed. If you play along with MP3s, then the Micro Terror might be a better choice because its smaller size makes it easier to transport and less likely to get damaged.

If you’re a pedal guy like myself, then the effects loop on the Micro Dark is essential. I can’t imagine living without it. The Micro Terror may be cheaper, but it’s not as good. The Micro Dark offers better sound quality and more features.


Final Thoughts on the Orange Micro Dark Review

The Orange Micro Dark is an excellent amp for those looking for an affordable and reliable solution to their audio needs. It offers excellent sound quality, is easy to use, and has various features that make it an ideal choice for musicians on a budget. If you’re in the market for an affordable amplifier that will provide decent sound quality, the Orange Micro Dark should be at the top of your list.


Does an Orange Micro Dark have an effects loop?

Yes, the Orange Micro Dark has an effects loop. This allows you to use the pedal with your electric guitar or bass and create a range of sounds from mellow and chunky to intense and high-gain.

Is Orange Micro Dark good for metal?

Yes, Orange Micro Dark amps are great for metal. They provide the perfect amount of crunch and distortion to help you get that aggressive sound you want.

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