Supro Delta King 10 Review – Great Vintage Class-A Sound!

Supro Delta King 10 Review – Great Vintage Class-A Sound!

The Supro Delta King 10 is a powerful and versatile guitar amplifier that has been a favorite among professional guitarists for over 50 years. Its unique design offers a wide range of tones, from vintage blues to modern rock, allowing players to explore different musical styles. 

This Supro Delta King 10 Review will take an in-depth look at the features of this amp and examine its performance capabilities, so you can decide if it’s right for your needs.

Supro Delta King 10 Review – Great Vintage Class-A Sound!

A Brief History Of Supro Amplifiers:

Supro amplifiers have been a cornerstone of the musical landscape since their introduction in 1935. Created by Chicago-based music store owner J.M. Van Nest, Supro was the first amplifier manufacturer to use aluminum for their speaker cones. 

As the brand evolved through the years, it changed ownership several times. As technology advanced over the years, so did the design of these amps; they went from having just one or two inputs to having multiple channels and reverb effects.

What Is The Supro Delta King 10?

The Supro Delta King 10 is an electric guitar amplifier designed and manufactured by Supro. It offers a versatile range of tone options and a vintage vibe perfect for any guitarist looking to add classic flavor to their sound. 

This amp features two channels with volume and tone controls, making dialing in just the right sound easy. The Delta King 10 also has a master volume control allowing users to fine-tune their desired sound levels. With its simple yet effective design and powerful output, this amp will please even the most discerning musician.

Who Is The Delta King 10 Amp For?

The Delta King 10 Amp is a renowned guitar amplifier designed to produce a full-bodied sound in any setting. With its robust design, the Delta King 10 Amp has gained considerable traction among professional and amateur guitarists. 

This amplifier works incredibly well for playing blues, jazz, metal, and rock genres, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to take their music up a notch. 

How The Delta King 10 Works – Supro Delta King 10 Review

The Delta King 10 is a solid-state amplifier that provides powerful, clear sound. This device converts an electrical signal into a higher voltage and current level, allowing it to be amplified and heard through loudspeakers.

Front Panel Controls

Supro Delta King 10 Review – Great Vintage Class-A Sound!

The large rotary knobs on the front panel set level parameters such as gain, bass boost/cut, treble boost/cut, and balance control. The miniature toggle switches below them can select various preamp modes or turn on/off effects such as compression or reverb.

Rear Amp Design

The Delta King 10 amplifier is a rear amp design that provides high-quality sound for entertainment and professional applications. It has been designed to work with various audio sources, from traditional amplifiers to digital equipment. This amplifier can provide impressive power output and clarity by utilizing modern technologies.

Delta King 10 Specifications

ItemDelta King 10 Specification
Power5 Watts
SpeakerSupro DK10 10-inch speaker
Control KnobsVolume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Master
EffectsBoost & Drive
Footswitch JackTRS Double Footswitch Jack For Boost & Drive
OutputLine Out (Line Level)
Preamp Tube12Ax7 (ECC83)
Power Tube6V6
Enclosure CoveringTweed With Black Stripes or Black Tolex With Cream Stripes
Dimensions16” x 7” x 15” (41 x 18 x 38 cm)
Weight23 lbs (10.5 kg)

Delta King 10 Demo

Features And Benefits – Supro Delta King 10 Review

These are a few of the unique things about this great amp.

Custom-Made Analog Spring Reverb

It is an effect that adds depth and warmth to recordings and live performances. Delta King 10 amp offers the perfect combination of classic sound quality and modern technology, with features including an analog spring reverb tank custom-made for each user’s needs. 

It creates a warm, lush sound that captures the character of vintage amplifiers; its built-in noise reduction circuitry prevents unwanted hissing or buzzing; its unique design allows for easy customization; and its intuitive controls adjust tone settings a breeze. 

Boost And Drive Switches

It includes increased safety, improved energy efficiency, higher reliability, better control over current flow, a more straightforward installation process, and cost savings in the long run. These features make it suitable for various electrical systems such as solar cells, electric cars, wind turbines, etc. Furthermore, due to their robust construction, it offers consistent performance even when under heavy load conditions.

Custom DK 10 Speaker

The Delta King 10 has a distinct design featuring a sleek matte black finish and a curved body. Its durable construction ensures it can handle intense music sessions without compromising sound quality or performance. 

The speaker also comes with two 6″ woofers that are specifically tuned to deliver impressive low frequencies while maintaining clarity at all volumes.

Wood (Poplar) Cabinet

This cabinet features a modern design that complements any decor style while providing ample storage and organization. The high-quality, poplar wood construction ensures long-lasting durability, while the clean lines and sleek finish add a subtle elegance to your room. The cabinet accommodates up to ten amps of power with convenient access points in both the top and front panels, allowing you to easily store your electronics without sacrificing style.

Line Out Jack

The Line Out Jack on the Delta King 10 amp makes getting your sound out to large crowds easier. For musicians looking for an easy way to connect their instruments directly to a mixer or PA system, the Line Out Jack on the Delta King 10 amp offers maximum reliability and flexibility. This jack is conveniently located at the amplifier’s rear so you don’t have to worry about tangling wires during setup and teardown. 

It also includes a ground lift switch that reduces hum and noise interference from other electronic devices in your vicinity.

What I like About About The Delta King 10

The sound and design of this amp make it implausible, but here are some of the highlights.

Flexible Sound

It features two built-in 10-inch speakers, each with a 400-watt power rating and a frequency response of 33 Hz – 22 kHz. This makes it ideal for various applications, from parties to professional music production.

The Delta King 10 also boasts an impressive range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth, USB, Aux-In, and XLR inputs. This allows users to connect the sound system to any desired device and enjoy the clear and powerful sound quality. 

Great Touch Sensitivity

I appreciate how well it responds to finger-picking and strumming styles on electric guitars. Its adjustable gain control allows me to manipulate my soundscapes without too much effort easily. Its three-band equalizer helps sculpt my tone precisely, enabling me to adjust low, mid, or high frequencies for any situation. 

Power To Spare

It has more than enough power to spare for any guitar rig. It’s been tested by many and proven to be a reliable source of drive and distortion that works well with modern music styles. For those who like the classic sound of rock ‘n roll, this amplifier is sure to please. 

Handles Pedals Well

The tone stays consistent no matter how many effects pedals you plug into it, so you can experiment with combinations without worrying about the sound becoming muddy or losing clarity. It has plenty of headroom and power to handle any volume requirements. 

I love its versatility. You can use it for clean and distorted tones and even add more distortion by cranking up the gain knob when necessary.

Best Of Both Worlds

It’s a tube amp with plenty of power and features that appeal to experienced and aspiring guitarists alike. With its two channels, it can be used for both clean tones and those saturated with gain – allowing players to explore virtually any style of music they choose. The onboard reverb adds a special touch to each technique, making the Delta King 10 versatile.

Portable, Lightweight, And Sharp-Looking

Its lightweight and portable design makes it a reliable and convenient solution; its sleek black exterior gives it a sharp look that will turn heads. I love how compact and lightweight this amp is – at just 6 lbs, and it’s light enough to carry anywhere. 

This makes it great for gigging musicians who need something small enough to fit in their backpacks without weighing them down.

What I Don’t Like About The Delta King 10

It’s an excellent amp in every sense of the word, though there are some minor issues you should be aware of.

No Footswitch

One such feature is the lack of a footswitch. If you want to switch between different channels or settings, you must do it manually each time—which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

No Midrange EQ Control

One of the most significant issues with the Delta King 10 amplifier is its need for midrange equalization control. This feature makes making precise adjustments to achieve the desired sound easier. This leads to frustration when trying to fine-tune a mix or instrument.

Can Get A Little Noisy

The main issue with the Delta King 10 amplifier is its tendency to get quite noisy when pushed too hard. This noise builds up quickly, making it difficult to hear individual sounds when mixing or recording tracks.

Supro Delta King 8 Vs. 10

Here are some main distinctions between the Delta King 8 and Delta King 10 amps.

SpecificationDelta King 8Delta King 10
Power1 Watt5 Watts
Speaker Size8 Inch10 Inch
Control KnobsVol, Tone, MasterVol, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Master
Preamp Tube12AX712AX7
Amp Tube12AU76V6
EffectsBoostBoost and Drive
Footswitch JackBoostBoost and Drive
OutputLine Out (Line Level)Line Out (Line Level)
Dimensions13” x 7” x 13” (33 x 17 x 33 cm)16” x 7” x 15” (41 x 18 x 38 cm)
Weight15 lbs (7 kg)23 lbs (10.5 kg)

Supro Delta King 10 Vs. 12

Here, this table compares Delta King 10 to Delta King 12.

SpecificationDelta King 10Delta King 12
Power5 Watts15 Watts
Speaker Size10 Inch12 Inch
Control KnobsVol, Treble, Bass, Reverb, MasterVol, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Master
Preamp Tube12AX712AX7
Amp Tube6V66L6
EffectsBoost and DriveBoost and Drive
FootswitchJackBoost and DriveBoost and Drive
OutputLine Out (Line Level)Line Out (Line Level)
Dimensions16” x 7” x 15” (41 x 18 x 38 cm)17” x 7.5” x 16” (43 x 19 x 41 cm)
Weight23 lbs (10.5 kg)28 lbs (13 kg)

Conclusion – Supro Delta King 10 Review

Supro Delta King 10 amp is an excellent choice for blues and rock guitarists looking for an amp with a unique vintage character. The clean tones are warm, complete, and musical, while the overdrive sounds offer classic crunchy grinds. It’s also an excellent choice for recording musicians due to its built-in attenuator and line-out. Overall, this amp is one of the best options in its price range, offering great value for money.


Is the Supro Delta King made in the USA?

The Supro Delta King is made in the United States of America, specifically at the company’s factory in Port Washington, New York.

Are Supro amps Good for jazz?

Yes, Supro amps are great for jazz. The classic Supro sound is known for its warm tones, which make it perfect for jazz guitarists looking to recreate the vintage sounds of the 1950s and 60s.


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