PRS SE Standard 24 Review

PRS SE Standard 24 Review: This Guitar is Hot!

If you’re an aspiring or experienced guitar player longing for a Paul Reed Smith (PRS) guitar, but your budget is holding you back, then this PRS SE Standard 24 Review is for you. The PRS SE Standard 24 is the perfect entry-level model to meet your needs. If you’re an avid guitar player, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “you can never have too many guitars!” If you own a Stratocaster and want something to keep it company, why consider the PRS SE Standard 24?

This PRS SE Standard 24 Review will discuss its features and explain why this guitar is worth considering as a companion for your beloved Strat. This instrument stands out from its beautiful design to its excellent sound quality. In this article, I’ll give a detailed review of the features and capabilities of this unique guitar so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you.

PRS SE Standard 24 Specs

The PRS SE Standard 24 guitar is an excellent choice for anyone purchasing an affordable entry-level instrument with professional-grade playability and tone. This famous electric guitar is known for its exceptional sound, playability, and quality. This article has Plenty to be found for those looking for more detailed information about the instrument.

BodyBound Mahogany
FinishGloss Polyurethane
NeckBound Maple, Set-In Neck With Double-Action Truss Rod
FinishGloss Polyurethane
Fretboard InlaysPearloid PRS Bird Inlays
Neck ShapeWide Thin
Nut1.69” Synthetic Bone
Frets24, Medium Nickel
Fingerboard Radius10″
Scale Length25″
BridgePRS Tremolo, Molded
Treble (Bridge) Pickup85/15 “S” Pickup With Alnico Magnet
Bass (Neck) Pickup85/15 “S” Pickup With Alnico Magnet
Volume ControlSingle, 500 K
Tone ControlSingle, 500 K With 0.022uf Capacitor, Push-Pull Pot Splits each Humbucker To Single-Coil.
Pickup SwitchBlade, 3-Way
Weight7 Pounds (approximately)
Manufactured and AssembledKorea (some parts from Indonesia)
CasePRS SE Gig Bag
StringsD’Addario Nickel-Wound 10-46

What is Paul Reed Smith SE Guitars?

This PRS SE Standard 24 Review gives you accurate details about the Paul Reed Smith SE line of guitars, and it’s an excellent option for any beginner or intermediate guitar player. SE stands for Student Edition, and World Music has made these guitars in Korea, not Maryland, since 2001. Since 2001, World Musical Instruments has produced high-quality musical equipment for Line6 and Schecter.

Paul Reed Smith, or PRS, is a company based in Stevensville, Maryland, that manufactures high-end electric guitars and basses. Moreover, the company has an alternate manufacturing facility in Indonesia. The PRS SE Standard 24 is their most affordable guitar. It is essential for guitar players looking for quality instruments at a more accessible price point. Paul Reed Smith SE guitars are affordable electric guitars that have existed since the 1990s.

PRS SE Standard 24 Review

They offer a unique blend of quality and value; their solid construction makes them durable and long-lasting, while their great sound ensures they remain popular with guitarists. For many players, SE guitars represent an ideal combination of cost-effectiveness and performance – something I discovered when I repurchased one in the 90s! PRS has released a video with product specialist Bryan Ewald to give you a closer look at the PRS SE Standard 24 and let you hear how amazing it sounds.

Three PRS SE Standard 24 Body Finishes

The PRS SE Standard 24 guitar is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add style and flair to their playing. With three stunning body finishes to choose from, the SE Standard 24 guarantees that there’s something for everyone. You’ll find it here whether you prefer classic vintage styles, bright and bold colors, or anything.

PRS SE Standard 24 – Tobacco Sunburst

Tobacco Sunburst is my favorite finish for this guitar. The PRS SE Standard 24 has a beautiful mahogany body, and the Tobacco Sunburst finish shows off the grain of the wood. It gives the guitar a classic feel while still having a modern vibe. It’s also very eye-catching and stands out in any setting.
If you’re looking for an electric guitar that can provide classic, vintage looks, modern features, and playability, then the PRS SE Standard 24 Tobacco Sunburst is a great choice.

PRS SE Standard 24 Review

This instrument is designed to look like a classical guitar with its traditional sunburst finish and vintage hardware.

PRS SE Standard 24 Translucent Blue

The PRS SE Standard 24 Translucent Blue is the perfect guitar for players who want something flashy and subtle. The solid mahogany body and maple neck create a classic base, while the Translucent Blue finish adds an extra layer of style without being too bold. This particular finish has a more eye-catching appeal than the Tobacco Sunburst but needs the high-gloss sheen as the Vintage Cherry model.

PRS SE Standard 24 Review

PRS SE Standard 24 Translucent Blue is a sight to behold. With its matching headstock and cream binding, the blue stain of this electric guitar looks great and stands out from other guitars. The beautiful guitar has an alder body and maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, and it comes with two single-coil pickups that provide excellent sound quality.

PRS SE Standard 24 Vintage Cherry

The PRS SE Standard 24 in Vintage Cherry is a guitar many players are eager to get their hands on. Its classic look and beautiful body finish making it easy to see why this instrument has become so popular. The Vintage Cherry finish gives the guitar an unmistakable Gibson SG vibe that is unique and eye-catching. If you’re looking for a guitar with undeniable vintage style, then the PRS SE Standard 24 in Vintage Cherry is worth taking a closer look at.

PRS SE Standard 24 Review

No matter where you play, it’s essential for a guitar to provide top-notch performance and an eye-catching look. The PRS SE Standard 24 Vintage Cherry electric guitar is the perfect choice for any musician who wants to make an impact with their sound and style.

Features and Benefits:

The PRS SE Standard 24 has quickly become one of the most popular electric guitars. With its unique build quality, great sound, and unbeatable price point, it’s easy to see why! But what sets this guitar apart from its competitors in its price range? Here are some features and benefits that make the PRS SE Standard 24 a fantastic instrument.

  • This two-octave neck design increases the playing range of the guitar, allowing for more expressive melodies and solos.
  • Pearloid bird inlays are a unique and stylish feature on many guitars, providing players with aesthetic and practical advantages.
  • The PRS Custom 24 guitar has been a staple in the electric guitar industry for years, and it’s easy to see why. This highly sought-after instrument provides players abundant features and benefits, making it an excellent option for those looking to upgrade or start their collection.
  • This PRS SE Standard 24 is the perfect guitar for any musician looking for a high-quality instrument with neck and body binding.
  • PRS SE Standard 24 is revolutionizing the sound of electric guitars with its innovative push-pull tone control. This feature allows each humbucker to be split into a single-coil pickup, giving guitarists more tonal variety.
  • The PRS-design tremolo system is an innovative technology that helps keep guitars in tune while playing.
  • The PRS SE Standard 24 85 /15 S pickup is ideal for guitarists seeking the traditional core 85 /15 sound.

What I Like About the PRS SE Standard 24

  • Regarding quality craftsmanship and excellent playability, the PRS SE Standard 24 is a top choice for guitarists. Combining a mahogany body with a lower horn scoop gives this axe excellent neck access, allowing players to reach high notes effortlessly.
  • With quality craftsmanship and excellent playability, the PRS SE Standard 24 is a top choice for guitarists. Combining a mahogany body with a lower horn scoop gives this axe excellent neck access, allowing players to reach high notes effortlessly.
  • Incredibly versatile electric guitar. One of the most significant features of this instrument is its set-in neck, which gives it a large amount of resonance and sustains.
  • It’s an excellent choice for a versatile and highly expressive guitar. With its tremolo system, the guitar can produce various tones and is easily controlled.
  • This guitar is an incredibly versatile instrument. It has a unique, modern look and feels different from other instruments within the same price range.
  • The weight distribution of the guitar is one of its most impressive features – it’s very well-balanced, with no area feeling too heavy or too light.
  • Its high-quality construction and attractive design offer tremendous value for the money.

The 85/15 S pickups

Perfect guitar for individuals looking for a classic instrument that is incredibly versatile. Its all-mahogany body produces a warm, resonant tone that can use to create a variety of sounds. The 85 15 S pickups that come Standard on the PRS SE Standard 24 electric guitar provide articulate, warm-sounding tones with Plenty of chimes. The model comes with two pickups: the 85/15 S pickups. These pickups are designed to provide players with a rich and well-balanced sound without sounding too out-of-phase or shallow.

PRS SE Standard 24 Review

They can be used in humbucker or single-coil configurations, giving players added versatility regarding their tone choices. The split bridge pickup (single-coil configuration) has a reputation for being too harsh sounding. It is particularly evident when played through a high-gain amp or with distortion. When playing rhythm, notes are essential. They can make or break the groove and must remain distinctive even when playing complex chords. Many players have discovered that turning down the volume on their guitar can significantly enhance their instrument’s tonal characteristics—mainly when using the 85 15 S pickups.

What I Don’t Like About the PRS SE Standard 24

Paul Reed Smith has long been known for creating some of the best guitars on the market, and it is no surprise that he wanted to put a high-quality instrument in the hands of more players. The PRS SE Standard 24 is one of those instruments, offering quality at an affordable price point. But while it may be great for those just starting or looking for a budget guitar, there are some things I don’t like about it.

The biggest issue I have with this model is its tone. While it still sounds reasonable compared to other budget models, it doesn’t quite live up to what you’d expect from a PRS guitar. It also lacks some of the more advanced features found on higher-end models, such as coil taps and tremolo systems, which are essential if you want versatility in your sound. When it comes to the PRS SE Standard 24, there are a lot of reasons to consider buying this guitar.

It is lightweight and comfortable to play, has excellent sound quality, and looks professional; however, after spending some time with the instrument. There is one thing I don’t like about it; the lack of a maple top makes the guitar lighter by about two pounds. I prefer electric guitars with a maple top because they provide more sustain and resonance.

PRS SE Standard 24 vs. PRS SE Custom 24

The PRS SE Standard 24 and the Custom 24 are two of the most popular electric guitars in the market. Both models come from the same company, Paul Reed Smith (PRS), and share many similarities. However, PRS SE Standard 24 and SE Custom 24 have certain features that set them apart. The main difference between these two models is their body design and finish. Both guitar models play great. The SE Standard model has an all-mahogany body, while the SE Custom body has a mahogany back with a carved maple top and a flame maple veneer.

PRS SE Standard 24 Review

Due to mahogany’s naturally resonant properties, the all-mahogany design on the SE Standard provides a warm tone with Plenty of sustain. On the other hand, the combination of Mahogany and Maple on the SE Custom gives it a brighter sound along with increased articulation across different frequencies.
The PRS SE Custom 24 takes the classic single-cutaway design a step further, offering four color choices: Black Gold Burst, Bonni Pink, Charcoal Burst, and Faded Blue Burst.

Who are PRS Guitars for?

PRS guitars are for anyone who enjoys playing music and wants an instrument to provide a lifetime of pleasure. That’s why Paul Reed Smith Guitars, or PRS Guitars, have become some of the most sought-after electric guitars among musicians today. PRS Guitars has become a leader in the world of high-end guitar design. Their instruments are renowned for their craftsmanship, tone, and playability. However, until recently, these guitars have been out of the financial reach of most players.

But with their introduction of a new line of affordable guitars, PRS is now making its quality instruments available to everyone. PRS guitars are known for their high-quality materials and craftsmanship, making them an obvious choice for those who want to own a top-of-the-line guitar. Whether you choose from the entry-level SE PRS or one of the higher-end US models, you can rest assured that your instrument will look and sound great. These guitars are designed to take you from a beginning student to a seasoned pro with ease and comfort.

PRS SE Standard 24 Review

PRS guitars are luxurious instruments designed for guitarists who want the best. They are known for their outstanding construction and high-quality materials, so it’s no surprise that a well-maintained PRS guitar will maintain or increase its resale value over time. But these guitars weren’t only made to be resold; they were created with the idea of being passed down through generations of family members in mind.

Is PRS a Good Guitar Brand?

PRS guitars have been a mainstay of the professional music industry for decades. They are renowned for their outstanding design, appearance, sound, and playability, which has made them one of the top brands in the guitar world. This guitar brand has been played by some of the top players in the music industry. Carlos Santana and Al DiMeola have endorsed PRS as a good guitar brand, praising its high-quality craftsmanship and reliable sound production.

Regarding quality guitars and amplifiers, Paul Reed Smith (PRS) has been a leader in the industry for years. In addition to building some of the most beautiful and best-sounding electric guitars, PRS also manufactures an impressive line of guitar amplifiers. These amps are designed to complement and showcase the sound of PRS electric guitars while providing excellent tone and exceptional performance.

What is a PRS Private Stock Guitar?

If you’re looking for a guitar that plays like no other, look no further than a PRS Private Stock Guitar. These top-of-the-line instruments are the highest quality guitars from the iconic Paul Reed Smith Guitars. Each instrument is handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality, making it truly special. These PRS Private Stock Guitars are made from premium materials, including select tonewoods, unique appointments, and custom finishes. The neck profiles and fretwork of these guitars have been perfected by decades of research, creating an incredibly comfortable playing experience.

A PRS Private Stock guitar is the ultimate instrument design. Handcrafted in the USA, these guitars are made with custom options that allow musicians to enjoy the highest levels of comfort and sound quality. These high-end guitars are available for purchase directly from authorized Signature PRS stores or through custom-built orders. You can order one-off guitars that feature unique materials and construction techniques for an unbeatable sonic experience.

Who is Paul Reed Smith?

Paul Reed Smith is a master luthier and the creator of PRS Guitars. He is renowned for his craftsmanship and innovation in guitar making. Has genuinely revolutionized the industry since founding PRS Guitars in 1985. He is an incredible guitar builder and an excellent musician, teacher, and mentor to aspiring musicians.

His technical knowledge and passion for teaching have made him a sought-after instructor who provides invaluable guidance to those looking to improve their skills on the guitar. He has performed with some of music’s biggest names, including Vertical Horizon, Creed, and Santana. His electric guitar company PRS is now an internationally recognized brand that continues to grow worldwide.

Paul Reed Smith is a renowned musician and music teacher who has been teaching aspiring musicians at Maryland middle and high schools and providing online video lessons through his virtual music school. Paul’s expertise spans numerous genres, including jazz, blues, rock, classical, and more. He is also an enthusiastic teacher who loves to share his knowledge with others. In 2011 Paul was inducted into the Vintage Guitar Magazine Hall Of Fame for his guitar design and teaching work.

PRS SE Standard 24 Review

Final Thoughts About the PRS SE Standard 24 review

For guitar players who seek the best of both worlds – a great-playing instrument with stellar sound quality– PRS Guitars are generally regarded as one of the finest options. The PRS SE Standard 24 review gives an ideal choice for musicians looking for a solid, dependable, and beautiful electric guitar.
Paul Reed Smith has consistently been a leader in the guitar industry, creating luxurious and expensive models that many adore.

With the introduction of his SE Standard 24 model, Paul Reed Smith has extended the range of his guitars to make them more affordable for players without sacrificing quality. It’s a fantastic instrument for the money. It offers a versatile range of tones and styles, making it suitable for all genres, from jazz to heavy metal.

With its classic looks, excellent playability, and tone quality, it’s no wonder that this guitar has become one of the most popular choices among entry-level players. For those looking to upgrade their sound without breaking the bank, a PRS SE Standard 24 is worth considering. The PRS SE Standard 24 is an electric guitar for the modern player. It has all the features and playability of a full-size guitar but in a smaller, more portable package.

Players looking for quality and versatility without spending a fortune will find what they want with this instrument. The sound of the PRS SE Standard 24 is truly remarkable. With overdrive or distortion engaged, it screams with aggression and power. For those seeking cleaner tones, simply rolling back the volume control yields beautiful results. The combination of classic tones with modern electronics makes this an ideal choice for any style of music. Overall, the PRS SE Standard 24 is an incredible value at its price point.

The PRS SE Standard 24 is an excellent choice for a new electric guitar. This impressive instrument offers superb value for the money, and it’s an excellent option for beginners who want to experience what electric guitars offer. It also has enough features to suit seasoned players looking to add a PRS to their collection.



Is a PRS Custom 24 SE good for metal?

The PRS Custom 24 SE is an excellent guitar for metal, especially if you’re looking for a versatile instrument. It has two humbucker pickups with coil-tapping capabilities, allowing you to create classic single-coil and heavy humbucker tones. The neck is smooth and fast, making playing fast riffs and solos easy.

Is a PRS SE Custom 24 versatile?

PRS guitars are popular for a variety of reasons. They offer high-quality craftsmanship and materials. The bodies and necks of PRS guitars are made from select woods like mahogany, maple, and rosewood, while the electronics are top-notch components designed to provide excellent sound. PRS guitars have an iconic look that is instantly recognizable.

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