Van Halen Live Without A Net DVD

Van Halen Live Without A Net DVD Review – Mind Blowing!

Van Halen Live Without A Net DVD Review is an incredible experience. It captures Van Halen’s live performance’s energy, power, and precision with stunning visuals and sound. The DVD includes a range of live performances from the band’s 1984 tour and highlights their skill as musicians and performers. This review will discuss the amazing quality of the audio and video and some of the key moments that make this DVD so special.

Van Halen Live Without A Net DVD Snapshot

It is an amazing way to experience the band’s impressive live show. This DVD captures some of their most iconic performances from the mid-1980s, including hits like “Jump,” “Hot for Teacher,” and “Panama.” The video quality is excellent, and the sound is crisp and clear. The crowd’s energy is palpable as they cheer on Eddie Van Halen’s incredible guitar solos. 

The DVD also includes a behind-the-scenes look at the band on tour, with interviews and footage of them rehearsing. It’s a great way to get to know the members of Van Halen better and gain insight into their creative process. There are also bonus features such as music videos and a featurette about the making of their classic album 1984. 

Concert Backstory

The concert was recorded in 1988 and featured some of their greatest hits, including “Jump,” “Panama,” and “Hot for Teacher.” The energetic performance showcases the band’s talent as they rock out on stage. The sound quality is excellent, allowing you to appreciate the music. 

The DVD also includes interviews with the band members, giving fans an insight into their personalities and what it was like performing together. This adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience as you get to know the people behind the music. Bonus features such as a tour documentary and backstage footage give a unique perspective on life on the road with Van Halen. 

DVD Packaging

DVD packaging is an essential part of any DVD release, and it can make or break the success of a DVD. The packaging must be visually appealing and functional, protecting the disc from damage during shipping and handling. Van Halen’s Live Without A Net DVD is a perfect example of how good packaging can complement the content of a product.

The design of Van Halen’s Live Without A Net DVD packaging is eye-catching and captures the essence of the band’s live performances. The cover features a photo of Eddie Van Halen in action, with his guitar suspended mid-air as if he were performing on stage. The back cover features a track listing, band members’ names, and other information about the concert.

Another important aspect to consider when reviewing DVD packaging is its durability. It should protect the disc from scratches or other damage during shipping or handling.

Songs And Artists

Track List

1Opening LogosN/A
3There’s Only One Way To RockStanding Hampton (Sammy Hagar)
4Summer Nights5150
5Get Up5150
6Drum SoloN/A
8Best Of Both Worlds5150
9Bass SoloN/A
11Love Walks In5150
12Guitar SoloN/A
13I Can’t Drive 55Standing Hampton (Sammy Hagar)
14Ain’t Talking ‘Bout LoveVan Halen (I)
15Why Can’t This Be Love5150
16Rock And RollLed Zeppelin IV
17End CreditsN/A

Artist List

  • Eddie Van Halen – Guitar & Keyboard
  • Sammy Hagar – Guitar & Vocals
  • Michael Anthony – Bass Guitar
  • Alex Van Halen – Drums

Musical Performance Highlights

Opening Logos

Opening logos are often overlooked but important in setting the tone for any performance. The Van Halen Live Without A Net DVD is no exception to this rule. From the moment you press play, you are treated to a stunning display of opening logos that transport you straight into the concert venue.

The musical performances on this DVD are nothing short of spectacular. You will be blown away by Eddie Van Halen’s guitar solos, which are as impressive now as they were when this concert was first recorded. David Lee Roth’s vocals and stage presence are equally impressive, which could give any modern-day performer a run for their money.

But this DVD stands out because it captures the energy and excitement of being at a live Van Halen concert.


Introducing a musical performance is crucial to setting the tone for the entire show. It’s essentially a continuation of the opening logos, where Sammy comes onstage and announces, “Hello, New Halen.” This moment marks the beginning of what promises to be an epic evening of rock ‘n’ roll.

Sammy’s announcement is more than just a greeting. He explains that the audience can expect incredible musical performance highlights from one of their favourite bands. The crowd is already excited as they eagerly await what’s to come.

As the band takes their positions on stage, you can feel the energy in the air building up. The lights dim and suddenly burst into vibrant colours as Eddie Van Halen plays his iconic guitar riffs.

There’s Only One Way To Rock

Sammy Hagar is a name that needs no introduction in rock music. The legendary singer and songwriter have entertained fans with his electrifying performances for decades. One of his most iconic albums, Standing Hampton, begins with an uptempo rocker that sets the tone for what’s to come. The song is titled “There’s Only One Way To Rock,” and it’s a perfect example of what makes Sammy such a force to be reckoned with.

From the moment the band opens the show with this track, you know you’re in for a wild ride. The song is written by Hagar himself and features his signature blend of hard-hitting riffs, catchy hooks, and anthemic choruses. As he sings about partying all night and living life on his terms, Sammy dances around Eddie with infectious energy and charisma.

Get Up

“Get Up” is one of the most iconic songs from Van Halen’s 5150 albums. The track features Eddie Van Halen’s signature guitar riffs and a killer tapped solo on his custom-built 5150 Steinberger GL2T. The guitar sound on this track is nothing short of electrifying, with each note crystal clear.

Eddie’s use of tapping in “Get Up” showcases his incredible technical skill and innovative approach to playing the guitar. He seamlessly blends tapping techniques with traditional picking to create a unique sound synonymous with his playing style. And as always, Eddie’s tone is spot-on, with just the right amount of distortion and overdrive to give the song its powerful edge.

With “Get Up,” Van Halen proved once again why they were one of the most influential rock bands of their time.

Drum Solo

Sammy Hagar, the legendary rocker and former lead singer of Van Halen, has introduced fans to Alex Bocephus Van Halen (whose real middle name is Arther) in a recent interview. According to Sammy, Alex is one of the greatest drummers of all time and an incredible person with a unique personality. His nickname “Bocephus” was given to him by his father, a fan of Hank Williams Jr.’s music.

But what sets Alex apart from other drummers is his ability to enter what he calls “Bocephus Mode.” This is where he becomes completely immersed in the music and loses himself in the performance. During this mode, Alex unleashes some of the most epic drum solos ever heard on stage.


Van Halen’s seventh studio album, “5150,” marked a significant turning point in the band’s history. This was the first album recorded with Sammy Hagar as lead vocalist, replacing David Lee Roth. The title track from this album is an instant classic that showcases the new lineup’s strengths and sets the tone for what is to come.

The song “5150” starts with a driving guitar riff that immediately grabs your attention. It then transitions into a catchy chorus that will have you singing along in no time. Hagar’s vocals are powerful and passionate, delivering lyrics about feeling trapped and seeking freedom. The song also features impressive solos from guitarist Eddie Van Halen, demonstrating his technical prowess and musical creativity.

Overall, “5150” represents Van Halen’s ability to reinvent themselves while staying true to their roots.

Bass Solo

Michael Anthony is a well-known name in the music world, specifically for his incredible bass-playing skills. Whenever you hear someone talking about Michael, one thing that always comes up in conversation is his legendary bass solo. This solo has become so iconic that it has become a staple part of any discussion involving him.

One can only imagine the kind of energy Michael brings to the stage when he walks out with his Jack Daniels bass guitar. The anticipation builds as he takes his position, and then suddenly, he unleashes an electrifying performance with his fingers dancing across the fretboard. His solo is more than just music – it’s a spectacle.

Michael’s ability to captivate and hold an audience spellbound during this moment is truly remarkable. It’s no wonder why people always bring up this particular performance when discussing him.

Love Walks In

From: 5150, the iconic rock band Van Halen released their hit song “Love Walks In” in 1986. The track starts with a rather unusual introduction from frontman Sammy Hagar, who declares that the song is about aliens. This declaration sets the stage for one of the most beloved ballads in rock history.

The opening notes of “Love Walks In” are instantly recognizable to any fan of classic rock music. Eddie Van Halen’s keyboard skills shine through as he plays a haunting melody that perfectly complements Hagar’s soaring vocals. As the song progresses, listeners are treated to an emotional journey through love and longing that speaks to anyone who has ever experienced heartache or loss.

Despite its somewhat unconventional origins, “Love Walks In” has become a timeless classic in rock music.

Why Can’t This Be Love

If you’re a fan of the classic rock band, Van Halen, you might be interested in hearing about their latest release. The band’s former lead singer Sammy Hagar teamed up with Eddie Van Halen to create a new Pop-Halen tune called “Why Can’t This Be Love.” This dynamic duo has produced some of the most iconic songs in rock history, and this new track does not disappoint.

Eddie Van Halen is known for his incredible guitar skills, but he also shows off his keyboard talents on this track. His signature sound is unmistakable and blends perfectly with Hagar’s powerful vocals. Together they create an upbeat and catchy tune that will have listeners tapping their feet and singing along.

This song is part of the Hagar-fronted era of Van Halen’s music which resonated with fans worldwide.

Band Interviews And Backstage Footage

Unfortunately, no video of band interviews or backstage footage is included on this DVD, which might be a bit of a letdown for many fans.

The absence of band interviews and backstage footage robs viewers of an opportunity to get up close and personal with their favourite rock stars. It would have been great to hear the band members discussing their music, sharing anecdotes about life on tour, and offering insights into their creative process. Moreover, backstage footage provides a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes during concerts – it offers viewers rare access to moments that make an unforgettable show possible.

Despite this one shortcoming, though, it still offers plenty to enjoy for die-hard fans and casual listeners alike.

Stage Appearance

The stage appearance is well-lit and straightforward, with video cameras positioned out of sight by the viewers.

The lighting on stage creates an ambience that perfectly matches the energy level of the band’s performance. The audience is treated to a stunning visual display that enhances their overall experience. The video cameras capture every detail without being obtrusive, allowing viewers to fully immerse themselves in the concert experience.

For fans unable to attend this incredible performance, Van Halen Live Without A Net offers an excellent opportunity to relive it from home. With crystal-clear sound and high-quality visuals, it’s almost like being there in person.

Musical Equipment

As a music lover, I am always fascinated by the musical equipment used by my favourite bands during their performances. I recently obtained Van Halen’s Live Without A Net DVD and was excited to discover the guitars, amplifiers, and effects pedals used by each band member during the show. Here is a comprehensive listing of all the musical equipment used by Van Halen during this memorable performance.

Eddie Van Halen played his signature guitar model known as Frankenstrat. This guitar is made from parts of different guitars that Eddie assembled himself. He also used an MXR Phase 90 pedal to achieve his famous “brown sound” and an Echoplex tape delay effect for his solos. Michael Anthony played a custom-designed bass guitar made by Kramer Guitars and utilized Ampeg SVT-II amplifier heads with Ampeg cabinets.

Eddie Van Halen


“5150” Steinberger GL2T

Eddie’s 5150 Steinberger GL2T guitar is legendary among guitar enthusiasts. Built by Jeff Babicz at the Steinberger factory, this iconic guitar features a unique and innovative design that sets it apart from traditional guitars. The TransTrem system allows players to change the tuning of their strings mid-performance without having to stop and adjust their instrument.

The two EMG pickups on the 5150 Steinberger GL2T provide a powerful and distinct sound that has become synonymous with Eddie Van Halen’s signature style. The combination of these cutting-edge features and the sleek and futuristic appearance of the Steinberger design make for an unparalleled playing experience that has captured the attention of musicians worldwide.

If you want to elevate your musical game to new heights, look no further than Eddie’s 5150 Steinberger GL2T guitar.

Van Halen Live Without A Net DVD

Fans of Eddie Van Halen have long been curious about what amplifiers and speaker cabinets he used in his performances. Unfortunately, Eddie’s amps and speaker cabinets were hidden from the audience during one particular concert, making it difficult for anyone to know exactly what he was using. While some may find this frustrating, it only adds to the mystery surrounding Eddie’s signature sound.

Despite not being able to see the equipment being used, there are still a few clues that can help us piece together what Eddie might have been working with. For example, we know that Eddie preferred Marshall amplifiers throughout his career. This means there is a good chance he was also using one at this particular concert. Additionally, given how powerful and dynamic his tone was known to be, he likely had multiple amps running simultaneously.


When it came to effects, Eddie was a small user. This is evident in the concert video of Van Halen’s Live Without A Net DVD.

Although many fans have tried to identify Eddie’s effects by viewing the concert video, they have yet to succeed. Eddie’s sound was largely based on his technique and tone rather than relying heavily on pedals or other effects. He used minimal effects to accentuate his already distinctive sound and style.

This fact speaks volumes about Eddie’s talent as a guitarist. His ability to create groundbreaking music without relying heavily on technology shows that true creativity comes from within.

Kramer “5150 Frankenstrat”

The Kramer 5150 Frankenstrat is an iconic guitar that has left a lasting impression on rock and roll. Originally built by Eddie Van Halen, this guitar was made from spare parts from several guitars. The result was a unique instrument that looked great and sounded even better.

The body of the Kramer 5150 Frankenstrat is made from ash, which gives it a lightweight and excellent resonance. The neck is maple with an ebony fingerboard, making it fast and easy to play. The pickups are Seymour Duncan humbuckers, which give the guitar its signature sound.

Despite its humble beginnings as a collection of spare parts, the Kramer 5150 Frankenstrat has become one of the most sought-after guitars in history. Its unique look and sound have inspired generations of musicians to pick their instruments and start playing.

Van Halen Live Without A Net DVD

Sammy Hagar

Red Kramer Baretta

The Red Kramer Baretta is a signature guitar made famous by rock legend Sammy Hagar. The guitar was first introduced in the early 1980s and quickly became a favourite among hard rock and heavy metal musicians. Its bold red finish, sleek design, and powerful sound make it an iconic rock music instrument.

Sammy Hagar is best known for his time as the lead singer of Van Halen, but his solo career has been just as successful. Throughout his career, he has used the Red Kramer Baretta on numerous recordings and during countless live performances. The guitar’s distinctive sound perfectly complements Hagar’s high-energy vocals and electrifying stage presence.

Despite its popularity among professionals, the Red Kramer Baretta remains an accessible guitar for players of all skill levels.

Van Halen Live Without A Net DVD

Randy Rhoads Model Flying-V

One of the most legendary guitars in rock history is undoubtedly the Randy Rhoads Model Flying-V guitar. This iconic instrument has become a symbol of musical excellence and artistic expression, thanks to its association with some of the greatest guitar players in the world. One such artist who is known for owning this masterpiece is none other than Eddie Van Halen.

Eddie Van Halen’s love affair with music and guitars is well-known among his fans. He has always been passionate about creating unique sounds and experimenting with different instruments. During his time with Van Halen, he acquired the Randy Rhoads Model Flying-V guitar, one of his most prized possessions. The guitar was designed by legendary luthier Karl Sandoval, who worked closely with Randy Rhoads to create an instrument that would suit his unique playing style.

Dean “Stealth” (Dimebag-shape) Model

Dean has recently released their latest guitar model, the Dean Stealth (Dimebag-shape) Model. This new addition to their line-up is designed with the legendary guitarist Dimebag Darrell in mind, and it’s sure to please fans of his work. One musician who has already taken a liking to this model is none other than Sammy Hagar.

The Dean Stealth (Dimebag-shape) Model boasts an impressive set of features that sets it apart from other guitars on the market. It features a sleek design inspired by Dimebag’s signature look, sharp edges, and a recognizable shape that screams rock and roll. The body is made of mahogany wood, which gives it a warm and rich sound that musicians will appreciate.

Sammy Hagar has praised the Dean Stealth (Dimebag-shape) Model for its versatility and playability.


Amplifiers are an essential component of any guitar player’s setup. They provide the power and tone necessary to make your instrument sing in a way that can be heard across the room. Sammy Hagar is one of the most recognizable names in the world of guitar amplifiers.

Hagar has been playing guitar for decades and knows what it takes to get a great sound out of his instrument. He has worked with some of the top amplifier manufacturers in the world, including Marshall and Fender, to create custom amps that suit his unique playing style. These amps are known for their powerful, punchy tone and exceptional clarity.

Whether you’re a professional musician or just starting your journey as a guitarist, investing in a high-quality amplifier is crucial. With so many options available today, choosing the right one for your needs can be overwhelming.


Effects pedals are a vital component of Sammy Hagar’s guitar sound. These small devices are used to alter the tone and character of the guitar, creating unique and interesting sounds that help distinguish Hagar’s music from other rock musicians. With dozens of different effects pedals on the market, it can take time to decide which ones to choose. Fortunately, Hagar has shared his preferred effects with fans over the years.

One of Hagar’s favorite effects is the wah pedal, which he uses extensively in his solo work and with Van Halen. This pedal creates a distinctive “wah-wah” sound by sweeping through a range of frequencies when the guitarist rocks their foot back and forth on the pedal. Another essential effect for Hagar is distortion or overdrive, which adds grit and crunch to his guitar tone.

Michael Anthony

Yamaha(?) Bass in white, black, and butterscotch

Yamaha basses have always been known for their high quality and exceptional sound. One of the most popular models is the Yamaha BB series, which many professional musicians have used over the years. One such musician is Michael Anthony, best known as the former bassist for Van Halen. Anthony has been using Yamaha basses for many years and is swelled by their reliability and tone.

The Yamaha bass in white, black, and butterscotch is a versatile instrument that can be used for various musical styles. The classic design features a solid alder body with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The pickups are Yamaha’s V3s, providing a clear, punchy sound that cuts through any mix. The bridge is also made by Yamaha and provides excellent sustain and tuning stability.

Jack Daniels Bass

Regarding rock and roll, few things are as iconic as the Jack Daniels bass. This custom-designed instrument has been a staple of the music industry for decades, and one of its most famous players is Michael Anthony. The former bassist for Van Halen, Anthony is known for his incredible bass skills and his love of all things Jack Daniels.

Kramer Guitars designed Anthony’s signature Jack Daniels bass in 1984, and it quickly became one of his most beloved instruments. The guitar’s body features an image of a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey, with Anthony’s name printed above it in bold letters. The neck is made from maple wood and features a rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets.

Van Halen Live Without A Net DVD


As a bassist for Van Halen, Michael Anthony knows a thing or two about amplifiers. Over his career, he has used various amps to create his signature sound.

One of Anthony’s go-to amplifiers is the Ampeg SVT-4PRO. This amp has a powerful 1,200-watt output and four 12AX7 preamp tubes for a rich and dynamic tone. The SVT-4PRO also includes a range of EQ controls allowing musicians to dial in their sound precisely.

Another amplifier that Michael Anthony has used extensively is the Gallien-Krueger 800RB. This amp was designed specifically for bass players and offered a range of features tailored to their needs.


One of the most iconic bassists to utilize these tools is Michael Anthony, known for his work with Van Halen and Chickenfoot. His unique playing style has been further enhanced by various effects pedals, which help him achieve a distinctive sound that sets him apart from other bass players.

One of Michael Anthony’s favourite effects pedals is the MXR M-80 Bass DI+. This pedal allows him to dial in just the right amount of distortion and overdrive while providing a direct recording output. Another staple in his rig is the Boss OC-3 Super Octave pedal, which gives him access to a range of octave options that add depth and richness to his playing. Michael Anthony incorporates various modulation and time-based effects into his playing.

Audio Specs And Sound Quality

Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

Audio Specs and Sound Quality are top priorities for music enthusiasts, and this latest release from Van Halen delivers on both fronts.

Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo provides an immersive audio experience that transports listeners to the front row of a live concert. The technology ensures that every note, chord, and drumbeat is crystal clear, allowing fans to appreciate every aspect of their favourite songs like never before. From David Lee Roth’s soaring vocals to Eddie Van Halen’s scorching guitar solos, this recording captures what made Van Halen such an iconic band.

Dolby Surround 5.1

The concert experience is unique and can be enjoyed in person and virtually. For those unable to attend live performances, countless recordings are available for purchase or streaming. One such recording is Van Halen’s Live Without A Net DVD, which was recorded in Dolby Surround 5.1.

Dolby Surround 5.1 is a high-quality audio format that offers true surround sound for an immersive listening experience. This particular recording captures the energy and excitement of a Van Halen concert in stunning detail, thanks to its advanced audio specs and sound quality. Every note and nuance can be heard from the front row to the back of the arena with crystal clarity.

Whether you’re a die-hard Van Halen fan or appreciate great music, this recording delivers an unforgettable performance that can be enjoyed repeatedly.

DTS Surround 5.1

The concert is recorded in DTS Surround 5.1, so listeners can experience an immersive, multi-channel audio experience.

DTS, or Digital Theater Systems, is a high-quality surround sound format used primarily in movie theatres and home theatre systems. It has become increasingly popular due to its superior sound quality to other formats, such as Dolby Digital. Its use in Van Halen’s “Live Without A Net” DVD ensures that every note played by the band is crystal-clear and delivered with maximum impact.

Furthermore, using 5.1 channel audio enhances the listening experience by creating a more realistic soundscape.

Video Specs And Camera-Shot Quality

The video recording of the concert is a treasure trove for band fans. It is recorded in NTSC Fullscreen, meaning it has an aspect ratio of 4:3. This may seem outdated compared to today’s widescreen displays, but it was the standard format for television screens back in 1986. The aspect ratio isn’t a cause for concern since it provides ample space to capture all the action on stage.

What sets this concert apart from others is its pro-shot quality. This means that the whole event was filmed by professional camera operators and equipment, giving viewers high-quality footage with clear audio and visuals. The Yessup Recording Company did an impressive job capturing every moment of this iconic performance. Each frame is filled with energy and excitement, from the stunning opening act to the crowd plea singing an encore.

My Favorite Songs And Musical Moments

These are the songs I enjoyed the most throughout the concert for various reasons. The whole set list is usually fantastic in Van Halen concerts, and that is always the case.

Summer Nights

Summer Nights is one of the most beloved tracks on Van Halen’s 5150 albums, and it’s easy to see why. The song features Eddie Van Halen playing his signature Steinberger guitar in the key of D, which gives the tune a unique and memorable sound. Summer Nights showcase Eddie at his best, from the opening riff to the soaring solos.

One of the things that makes Summer Nights so special is its catchy melody. From David Lee Roth’s playful vocals to Alex Van Halen’s driving drums, every song element works together seamlessly to create an infectious groove, with you tapping your feet and singing along in no time. And with Eddie’s masterful guitar work adding extra depth and complexity to each verse and chorus, there’s never a dull moment in this classic rock anthem.

Best Of Both Worlds

Van Halen fans, rejoice! The band’s classic hit “Best of Both Worlds” remains a fan favorite even after all these years. The song was originally released in 1986 as part of the album “5150” and showcased the band’s signature sound with Eddie Van Halen’s staccato harmonic approach that defined their music.

Eddie’s guitar skills were on full display in this track, but what stood out was his ability to match Sammy Hagar’s vocals perfectly. His harmonies and riffs were seamlessly woven with Hagar’s delivery, creating an unforgettable listening experience that still resonates with fans today. It is no wonder why this song has stood the test of time and continues to be a staple at rock concerts worldwide.

The lyrics also speak to the band’s philosophy of living life fully and embracing its highs and lows.


In 1984, David Lee Roth saw a race car in Las Vegas that inspired him to write the hit song “Panama.” The song features a staccato chordal opening reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen’s signature style. With its driving beat and catchy lyrics, “Panama” quickly became one of Van Halen’s most popular tracks.

The song’s lyrics are an ode to the fast car that Roth saw in Vegas. He describes the vehicle as “an animal, ready to attack” and sings about how it makes him feel alive. The chorus is particularly memorable, with Roth shouting “Panama” repeatedly. It’s a high-energy anthem perfectly capturing the excitement and thrill of racing down the highway at high speed.

Panama is a classic rock song that has stood the test of time.

Guitar Solo

When it comes to guitar solos, few musicians can match the virtuosity and creativity of Eddie Van Halen. Whether shredding through a blistering hard rock riff or laying down a soulful, bluesy melody, his playing is always electrifying and expressive. His ability to wring every last bit of emotion from his instrument has made him one of the most iconic guitarists in rock history.

Eddie’s incredible technical skill and intuitive sense of musicality set him apart from other players. He never sacrifices feeling for flashiness but seamlessly blends the two into a breathtaking display that leaves audiences spellbound. His use of harmonics, tapping techniques, and innovative approaches to string bending have inspired countless imitators over the years. Still, they have yet to capture the essence of his style truly.

I Can’t Drive 55

“I Can’t Drive 55” by Sammy Hagar is not only a classic rock anthem, but it’s also my all-time favorite song. The catchy guitar riff and energetic vocals never fail to pump me up, whether driving on the open road or jamming at home. Whenever I see a speeder pulled over on the highway, I can’t resist singing a few verses of this iconic tune.

The lyrics perfectly capture the frustration and rebellion many drivers feel when they’re stuck behind slow-moving traffic or limited by strict speed limits. Hagar’s voice soars as he declares, “I can’t drive 55!” with conviction, urging listeners to break free from society’s constraints and live on their terms. No wonder this song has become an anthem for car enthusiasts and anyone who wants to embrace their inner rebel.

Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love

In classic rock music, certain bands and songs always seem to retain their appeal. For fans of Van Halen, “Ain’t Talkin Bout Love” is one such tune that has stood the test of time. Originally released in 1978 during the David Lee Roth era, this song has continued inspiring new generations of rockers with its catchy hooks and iconic guitar riffs.

And speaking of those riffs – Eddie Van Halen’s solo in “Ain’t Talkin Bout Love” is nothing short of legendary. With its flanger-rich sound and perfectly executed phrasing, this solo showcases Eddie’s technical prowess as a guitarist while highlighting his innate sense of melody and rhythm. It’s no wonder that this solo has become a defining moment for Van Halen and guitar music.

Rock And Roll

“Rock and Roll” is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time. It’s no wonder Led Zeppelin closed their fourth album with this iconic track. From start to finish, “Rock and Roll” is a high-energy rocker that gets your blood pumping and your heart racing.

Sammy, the band’s frontman, does an excellent job of introducing the tune. He builds anticipation by mentioning how excited they are to play it and how much fun it is to perform live. As soon as the first notes hit, you can feel the energy in the room increase tenfold.

The song’s driving rhythm section lays a solid foundation for Jimmy Page’s explosive guitar riffs. His solo towards the tune’s end is particularly memorable and showcases his technical prowess as one of rock music’s greatest guitarists.

What I Didn’t Like

We are not concerned about the genesis materials for this concert video, but here are a few things you may consider. We’re fortunate to have them, for there were only two professionally recorded Van Halen performances.


Van Halen Live Without A Net is one of the most sought-after concerts on DVD. Buying new has become increasingly more challenging to find and expensive. The concert was recorded in 1986 during Van Halen’s tour, supporting their album “5150”. It features classic hits like “Panama,” “Jump,” and “Hot For Teacher.” Fans have been clamouring for a re-release, but so far, nothing has been announced.

If you’re determined to get a copy, your best bet is to look for a used version or try streaming it online. Some speciality shops may still carry new copies, but be prepared to pay a premium price. However, buying used can be risky as the DVD may not play properly or scratches affect the sound and video quality.

Missing Songs

Regarding music DVDs, one should have a complete and accurate representation of the actual concert experience. Unfortunately, this is only sometimes the case. Van Halen’s Live Without A Net DVD is a prime example of missing songs that leave fans short-changed. It’s not like there was no more room on the DVD – so why did they leave out some of the best tracks?

The songs on the disc are in a different order than they were performed during the concert, which can be frustrating for diehard fans who want to relive every moment of their favourite band’s live show. While some may argue that it doesn’t matter if a few songs need to be added or are out of order, true fans know it does matter.

Video Transfer Not DVD-Quality

The roll-out of digital media has revolutionized how we experience movies and video content. However, not all video transfers are created equal. If you’ve ever sat down to watch a movie or TV show and wondered why the image quality could be better, you may be dealing with a less-than-ideal video transfer.

One of the most common issues with sub-par video transfers is that they need to offer DVD-quality resolution. This could be due to several factors, including a VHS-to-DVD transfer or poorly shot frames in the source material. Regardless of what the specific issue may be, it’s clear that viewers want high-quality images when watching their favourite shows and movies.

As technology improves, we’ll see fewer instances where video transfers fall short in quality.

Surround Sound Issues

Surround sound has been an important aspect of experiencing high-quality audio in movies, games, and music. However, even with the advancements in technology, surround sound issues persist. Many individuals have reported issues regarding Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS Surround 5.1 tracks. While the Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track may sound fine through TV speakers or a soundbar, these advanced tracks have some issues.

One of the primary concerns is that certain sounds appear louder than others, creating a sense of imbalance in the audio experience. This issue can be noticed during action scenes where explosions or gunshots are too loud compared to other sounds, such as dialogue or background music. In addition, directional cues can have difficulties, which help create an immersive experience for viewers and listeners alike.

No Backstage Footage

I like watching backstage concert footage. Something about seeing behind the scenes adds to the enjoyment of a music video. It’s fascinating to see how much work goes into putting on a show and the crew who help make it happen.

Not only does backstage footage add to the enjoyment, but it can also give you a better idea of what special equipment was used in the performance. You can see first-hand how different instruments and gear are set up and used throughout the show. This information can be valuable for musicians or music enthusiasts who want to try new techniques or replicate their favourite artists sounds.

However, when no backstage footage is available, it can be not very reassuring for fans who want an inside look at their favourite performances. While some artists prefer not to share this content, others recognize its value and include it in their videos or release independent documentaries.

No Band Interviews

The decision to exclude band interviews from the Van Halen Live Without A Net DVD production is curious. Interviews with band members can offer valuable insight into the problems during a project’s making, whether in production, performance, or filming. By omitting these interviews, viewers are left with an incomplete picture of what went into creating the iconic concert film.

With input from the band members, it is possible to know exactly what challenges they faced while creating such an elaborate and ambitious project. While some behind-the-scenes footage may shed light on certain aspects of the production process, more is needed to replace the personal accounts and perspectives only the performers can provide.

Beware Of Poorly Recorded Copies

If you’re a fan of live concert DVDs, then you know that the video and audio quality can make or break the experience. Unfortunately, there are many poorly recorded copies out there that aren’t worth your time or money. The picture may be grainy, the sound may be muffled, and it can detract from the excitement of watching your favourite band perform.

One such example is Van Halen’s Live Without A Net DVD. While this concert film captures some amazing moments from the iconic rock band’s 1986 tour, it also needs more production values that can leave viewers disappointed. The video is often blurry and needs more detail, while the sound could be clearer to make out all of the instruments and vocals.

This isn’t to say that every live concert DVD with substandard recording should be avoided outright.

Is This Concert Worth Purchasing Or Streaming?

If you’re a Van Halen fan, the answer to the question, “Is This Concert Worth Purchasing Or Streaming?” is easy. Even though this video has some technical limitations regarding its audio and video quality, it is undoubtedly a must-have concert for any true band fan.

Sure, the audio isn’t perfect, and there are moments when the video quality dips. But let’s be real – those minor issues become irrelevant when watching Eddie Van Halen shred on guitar or David Lee Roth work his way across the stage. The energy and passion of their performance shine through no matter what.

These small imperfections add to the charm of this concert recording. It feels like you’re right before them, experiencing every moment as if you were there in person.

Van Halen Discography

Studio Albums

TitleRelease DateSinger
Van Halen1978David Lee Roth
Van Halen II1979David Lee Roth
Women And Children First1980David Lee Roth
Fair Warning1981David Lee Roth
Diver Down1982David Lee Roth
19841984David Lee Roth
51501986Sammy Hagar
OU8121988Sammy Hagar
For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge1991Sammy Hagar
Balance1995Sammy Hagar
Van Halen III1998Gary Cherone
A Different Kind Of Truth2012David Lee Roth

Live Albums

TitleRelease DateSinger
Live: Right Here, Right Now1993Sammy Hagar
Tokyo Dome: Live In Concert2015David Lee Roth


TitleRelease DateSinger
Live Without A Net2004 (DVD)Sammy Hagar
Live: Right Here, Right Now1993 (DVD)Sammy Hagar

Final Thoughts About The Van Halen Live Without A Net DVD Review

After familiarizing yourself with “Van Halen Live Without a Net DVD Review,” you will find that this DVD is essential to any music enthusiast’s collection. It showcases the greatest moments of one of the most successful rock bands in history, providing an extraordinary glimpse into their artistic process. The exceptional audio and video quality make it an essential acquisition for any Van Halen enthusiast. With an extensive assortment of songs spanning all stages of the band’s journey, it’s no wonder that Van Halen’s Live Without A Net quickly became a legendary release.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Eddie Van Halen “Brown Sound?”

The Eddie Van Halen Brown Sound is the signature guitar tone of legendary rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Its bright, aggressive sound cuts through any mix and stands out from other guitar tones. It has become iconic in the rock world and is often imitated by aspiring guitarists.

Did Eddie Van Halen Invent The Fretboard Tapping Technique?

Eddie Van Halen is widely credited with popularizing the fretboard tapping technique, but he was not the first to use it. The technique has been used in classical music for centuries and was used by jazz and blues guitarists in the early 20th century. 

How Many Van Halen Concert Videos Are There?

The band’s 1978 live album, “Van Halen Live: Right Here, Right Now,” was released on VHS in 1993 and later released on DVD in 2004. This video features performances from two concerts and includes some of the band’s most popular songs, such as “Jump” and “Running with the Devil.” 

Is Eddy Playing His Original Red And White/Black Striped FrankenStrat Guitar On The “Live without A Net” Video?

Yes, Eddy plays his original Red and White Black Striped FrankenStrat guitar on the Live Without A Net tour. This iconic guitar has been a staple of his live performances since the early 1980s. It was built from parts of three different Fender Stratocasters and, given its unique pai

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