Celebrities and CBD

Celebrities and CBD: Who’s Endorsing It And Why?

Hemp and cannabis plants produce CBD. Its potential advantages for pain, anxiety, inflammation, and more have made it popular recently. CBDfx CBD oil does not create drunkenness or euphoria like THC. Instead, it affects the endocannabinoid system, which controls mood, sleep, hunger, and immunity.

CBD items include oils, tinctures, capsules, lotions, gummies, and vapes. Some take CBD every day, while others use it to relieve stress, improve sleep, or ease pain. CBD is also popular in skincare, haircare, and bath products. The CBD trend is not limited to consumers. Celebrities have also used CBD or endorsed it through their brands or relationships. Here are some celebrities who use CBD and why.

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Kim Kardashian:

The TV personality and businesswoman is herself a big fan of CBD. She has been using CBD products for quite some time now to appease her busy life stressors and anxiety borne out of her fourth pregnancy. She even threw a CBD-themed baby shower in 2019, where she and her guests enjoyed many CBD-infused treats, masses, and meditation.

Kim Kardashian also shared examples on her Instagram stories like Pellequr – a spa with treatments infused with CBD- and CopperGel – her roll-on relief with CBD that she co-owns with Mike Tyson. She has also debuted her line of KKW Beauty CBD skincare products, which include serums, masks, and body oils.

Jennifer Aniston:

The actress-producer is yet another celebrity who avails CBD for various reasons. She said that CBD helps her with pain, stress, and anxiety, and it gives all the positives of marijuana without getting high. She has also been praising CBD because of its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that are bound to benefit her skin and plants.

Jennifer Aniston has never disclosed what products she likes most or a CBD brand, although she was once seen wearing a necklace with a pendant of CBD oil. This could indicate that she uses CBD oil as a tincture or topical. She has also been rumored to use CBD gummies, which are a discreet and convenient way to consume CBD.

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Mandy Moore:

The singer and actress is one of the celebrities who use CBD for pain relief. She said she uses CBD oil in her feet to help relieve the pain of using high heels, especially on the red carpet or during long events. She has also credited CBD oil for helping her sleep better and relax more.

Mandy Moore has said she enjoys Lord Jones CBD oil, a luxury brand of oils, creams, gummies, and chocolates. She also worked with the brand to come up with a limited edition of cannabis bath salts, announcing that it was something borne out of her love for taking a bath and using CBD in one.

Seth Rogen:

The actor-slash-comedian is not only a CBD user but an evangelist. He, specifically, is into how CBD can help in his mother-in-law’s Alzheimer’s disease plight. He founded a non-profit organization called Hilarity for Charity that increases awareness and care support for people with Alzheimer’s. He also appeared before the U.S. Congress, begging them for the legalization of and study on CBD.

Seth Rogen hasn’t openly declared any of his favorite CBD products or brands, but he has been championing CBD and cannabis in general. He even went on to create a cannabis company called Houseplant. The company acts as a consumer launchpad for the three different strains of cannabis they produce, selling accessories and also providing much-needed education to first-timers. He has said he hopes to expand his company to include CBD products.

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CBD is a versatile chemical that can improve health. Naturally, numerous celebrities have adopted it into their performances. CBD can help naturally enhance the quality of life for pain, stress, sleep, and beauty.

Binoid CBD, which sells high-quality CBD oils, candies, lotions, and more, is one of several CBD products available online and in stores. Do your reading, talk to your doctor, and start with a modest dose to evaluate how CBD works for you.