The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Likes on TikTok: Proven Strategies for Popularity

Likes on TikTok are crucial to measuring the popularity and impact of content on the audience. Having more likes on your TikTok can improve your profile and offer a strong edge over other users.

Moreover, creators with lots of likes are likely to drive more attention from other users, gaining more potential followers. Likes are important indications to the platform, algorithm, and other users.

Here, you will get the most useful guide to getting more views on TikTokand ensuring greater reach for your content.

1. Create TikToks Instead of Generic Videos.

When you create TikTok content, you need to make sure that it meets your audience’s expectations. Be sure that your video is spontaneous and consists of premium quality. Never overdo it and avoid including the off-the-cuff feel.

When you make a TikTok video, consider the duration as TikTok mostly prioritizes shorter videos. However, you can make your videos last up to 3 minutes if it requires extending the duration to convey the required message.

Create content that is funny, entertaining, and interesting for the viewers. Add trending sound effects or music to set the mood of users and make them watch the whole video.

2. Use the Right Hashtags.

If you find difficulty in getting your videos discovered and watched by plenty of people, you must include trending and relevant hashtags. They assist in categorizing videos and make it easier for viewers to search for what they want. Moreover, you can make sure that your content will appear in the right searches and get seen by the target audience, gaining more likes.

3. Post at the Correct Time.

You can miss plenty of likes if you don’t post your TikTok at the right time i.e. when your audiences are active on the platform. Timing is very important to get a significant boost to videos and drive more likes. You must upload your videos when most of your followers are actively using the app.

The right posting time can differ by day, location, and other factors. Not only the timing but frequency also matters. You must maintain a consistent posting schedule to make your followers expect to discover more of your content.

4. Keep an Eye on the New Trends.

Your content will gain some attention if you don’t have any problems with receiving sufficient views. TikTok’s algorithm puts uploaded videos on the FYP or For You Page for a certain time to determine how users interact with that content.

To stay on FYP for a longer duration and get better exposure, your videos need to generate significant initial engagement by leveraging a trend that is popular at the moment.

Trends keep on changing on TikTok. What has become the choice of worldwide users in the past week will get lost in the crowd in the coming week. So, it is important to stay updated about the current and emerging trends like effects, music, songs, challenges, dances, etc.

About 61% of users like to discover brands posting trending content. Don’t copy an influencer or a user entirely, instead, add your branding to present the trend with a bit of twist to get more views and likes.

5. Invest in Influencer Marketing.

Influencer marketing is among the proven methods to reach more people and encourage them to engage with your brand. Most creators are nowadays collaborating with leading influencers to reach a wider audience and make money on the platform.

Businesses can benefit the most from the broader reach and immense creativity of influencers as influencer videos tend to appear on the FYP.

It can improve the possibility of beginning a trend and persuading other users to upload videos with your popular song, hashtag, or a branding effect. So, collaborate with influencers and upload the content they create on your profile. It will organically increase your engagement rates.

6. Run Giveaways.

Every person is interested in liking and engaging with a post that offers them a chance to participate in an event where they can win exciting free services or items. When you organize any giveaway, ask your audience to follow the rules and participate in your giveaway in return for your products or services.

The most common giveaway rules require users to follow the account, leave a comment, tag someone, and like the post. A carefully and successfully hosted giveaway can not only access TikTok likes but other engagement metrics also.

7. Promote Your Videos.

When it comes to reaching an increasing number of users, promoting your video can be the best strategy. It will help your video appear in the FY feed of the audience between other videos that are displayed naturally.

As a result, you can boost the number of likes and overall engagement rates. If you want to boost any of your specific TikTok videos, wait until they start receiving significant interest naturally.

8. Duet or Stitch.

Using other creator’s videos along with yours can help you both to tap into each other’s audience. Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok revolves more around UGC (user-generated) content and rewards any videos that make the audience stay on the platform.

Duet and stitch are two common ways to use videos of other people. Duet creates a split-screen video, featuring you on one side and a video of another creator on the other. You can use this editing tool to start a hashtag challenge and ask your loyal followers to try duets reacting to a brand-specific task using a similar hashtag.

Stitch is also an editing feature that enables you to use certain parts of other user’s videos and add your reaction to them. If performed correctly, the original creator may like your video and is likely to share it with others.


TikTok is an ideal platform to find new customers and reach the younger generation. Not only businesses and brands but individuals can also get the most out of this video-sharing platform to get discovered by a worldwide audience and boost fame.