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What Is Turbotax – Online Tax Software | E-file Your Taxes In 2023

Tax season can be a daunting time of year for many individuals and businesses alike. The complex web of tax regulations, deductions, and forms can often feel overwhelming.

However, there’s a powerful tool that can help simplify this process: TurboTax. In this article, we’ll explore what TurboTax is, its key features, and how it can be your ultimate tax filing companion.

What is TurboTax?

TurboTax is a widely used tax preparation software developed by Intuit. It’s designed to make the process of filing taxes easier and more efficient for individuals, businesses, and even tax professionals.


TurboTax comes in various versions to cater to different needs, including TurboTax Free Edition, Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed. Each version offers different features and pricing structures to accommodate a wide range of tax situations.

Key Features of TurboTax

User-Friendly Interface: TurboTax offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that guides you through the tax preparation process step by step. Whether you’re a tax expert or a first-time filer, TurboTax’s interface simplifies the process.

Importing Financial Data: TurboTax can automatically import your financial data from sources like W-2 forms, 1099s, and previous tax returns, reducing the need for manual data entry.

Accuracy Guarantee: TurboTax provides an accuracy guarantee, ensuring that your calculations are error-free. If there’s a mistake, TurboTax will pay any IRS penalties and interest.

Deduction Finder: The software offers a comprehensive deduction finder that helps you identify potential deductions and credits you may have missed, potentially saving you money.

Real-Time Refund Tracking: TurboTax allows you to track your refund in real-time, providing peace of mind and transparency throughout the process.

E-Filing: TurboTax supports e-filing, allowing you to submit your tax return electronically. E-filing is faster and more secure than traditional paper filing.

Access to Tax Experts: If you have questions or need assistance, TurboTax offers access to tax experts who can provide guidance and support.

Mobile Apps: TurboTax also has mobile apps for both iOS and Android, enabling you to prepare and file your taxes on the go.

Audit Defense: For an additional fee, TurboTax offers an audit defense service that provides support and representation in case of an IRS audit.

How TurboTax Works

Using TurboTax is a straightforward process:

Choose the Right Version: Select the TurboTax version that best suits your tax situation.

Enter Personal Information: Input your personal information, including your name, Social Security number, and filing status.

Import Financial Data: Import your financial data from relevant sources like W-2s, 1099s, and your previous year’s tax return.

Answer Questions: TurboTax will ask you a series of questions about your financial situation and guide you through the tax preparation process.

Review and File: Review your return for accuracy, and once you’re satisfied, you can e-file your tax return directly through TurboTax.

Payment: If you owe taxes, TurboTax provides options for paying them online. If you’re entitled to a refund, you can have it deposited directly into your bank account.

TurboTax Versions and Pricing

TurboTax Free Edition: Designed for simple tax returns, it’s ideal for individuals with basic tax situations. It’s free to use and includes e-filing for federal and state returns.

TurboTax Deluxe: Suited for homeowners and those with itemized deductions. It offers guidance on maximizing deductions and credits and provides support for filing both federal and state returns.

TurboTax Premier: Tailored for investors and rental property owners. It helps with investment and rental income reporting and supports filing at the federal and state levels.

TurboTax Self-Employed: Geared towards self-employed individuals, freelancers, and small business owners. It assists with tracking business expenses, calculating self-employment tax, and supports federal and state returns.

Pricing: TurboTax’s pricing varies depending on the version and complexity of your return. It typically ranges from free for simple returns to higher costs for more complex tax situations.

TurboTax and Tax Law Changes

Yearly Updates: TurboTax keeps pace with annual tax law changes. This ensures that the software reflects the most current tax regulations, deductions, and credits.

Tax Reform: TurboTax effectively adapted to significant tax law changes, such as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, providing users with the tools to navigate these changes with ease.

COVID-19 Relief: During the pandemic, TurboTax assisted users in claiming relevant relief measures, like the Economic Impact Payments and unemployment benefits, making sure they received the financial assistance they were entitled to.

Additional Tools and Resources

TurboTax Live: This feature offers on-demand access to tax experts for personalized assistance and advice. You can connect with a live tax expert via video chat or phone call.

TurboTax Mobile Apps: TurboTax’s mobile apps provide the convenience of preparing and filing taxes from your smartphone or tablet. They are available for iOS and Android devices.

Education Center: TurboTax’s Education Center is a valuable resource, offering articles, videos, and FAQs that help users understand tax concepts and make informed decisions.

Security and Privacy

Data Encryption: TurboTax employs state-of-the-art encryption technology to secure your personal and financial information during transmission and storage.

Identity Verification: TurboTax has robust identity verification procedures to ensure that you are the only one accessing your account and filing your tax return.

Privacy Policy: TurboTax’s privacy policy outlines how your data is collected, used, and protected, ensuring transparency in handling your sensitive information.

Multi-Factor Authentication: TurboTax offers multi-factor authentication as an additional layer of security, further safeguarding your account from unauthorized access.


TurboTax is a powerful tool that simplifies the often complex process of filing taxes. With its user-friendly interface, import capabilities, and various versions to choose from, it caters to a wide range of tax situations.

Whether you’re an individual, a small business owner, or a tax professional, TurboTax can be your ultimate tax filing companion, helping you navigate the maze of taxes with ease and confidence.

So, why stress over tax season when TurboTax is here to make your life simpler? Try it out and take the hassle out of tax filing today.